The role of project manager is critical to the success of any substantial project within an organization. This key individual drives a project from its inception through to its closing, all the while keeping a firm watch over the finances, quality, resources, risk, schedule, and scope. Without that guiding hand, an organization can lose time, money, credibility, and everything else vital to its survival. Project managers need training in core project management principles to shepherd projects through to a successful conclusion.

There are certain topics that are common to project management, no matter the field. A worthwhile engineering project management program gives you a solid foundation in the essentials of project management while also demonstrating how they can be applied specifically to the engineering field. To prepare you for greater professional success, a program of this kind will build your expertise in topics such as:

  1. Engineering Economics
    Engineering economics puts the advantages and expenses of an engineering project into real numbers to determine return on investment (ROI) and establish whether it is beneficial to pursue the project.
  2. Planning and Control
    Planning and control refers to plotting out a project from a timeline and resources standpoint, supervising it, tracking and reporting on its progress while it’s underway, and seeing it through to completion.
  3. Quality and Risk Management
    It is critical to identify all potential risks and plan for any eventualities before undertaking a project. Real-world case studies can help engineering project management students prepare to navigate these adverse situations by applying proven practices.
  4. Lean Six Sigma
    Lean Six Sigma is a process improvement methodology known worldwide for minimizing errors and irregularities in projects through the use of special tools and techniques. It has been used by many of the world’s top companies and in a variety of industries since the 1980s.
  5. Probability Risk Assessment (PRA) of ENP
    By employing different types of analyses, engineering project managers can predict the likelihood of a problem occurring on a project.

Being proficient in each of these important topics can help you become a more effective project manager within your organization and more in-demand within the profession overall. Learning them in a formal program where you can receive direct feedback from expert faculty can help ensure your full comprehension and ability to apply them on the job. If you can learn the specifics of engineering project management from a respected, accredited university, both you and your employer will benefit.

Explore Engineering Project Management Online

The University of Texas Permian Basin is proud to offer our online Graduate Certificate in Engineering Project Management through our ABET-accredited College of Engineering. Taught by our acclaimed faculty, this program demonstrates established ways to spearhead and oversee engineering projects from start to finish, within an established budget, and with minimal errors or surprises. You’ll learn all the advanced tools, skills, and processes you need to excel in the growing field of project management. All students who have finished or are finishing an undergraduate degree in engineering, science, or business from an accredited university or college are encouraged to apply.

You can complete this affordable, flexible 12-credit program in just four eight-week courses, and all completed credits can be applied toward the Project Management Professional (PMP)® certification requirements from the Project Management Institute (PMI). In addition, if you take the Lean Six Sigma course during the program, you’ll also be qualified to pursue Lean Six Sigma Green Belt certification. A Graduate Certificate in Engineering Project Management, especially when combined with industry certification, can help you compete for a broader range of new jobs and advancement opportunities.

The Project Management Job Market Is Booming

Now is the perfect time to expand your project management expertise through our online graduate certificate program. PMI has estimated that there will be more than 200,000 new jobs in project management or related positions every year through 2027. And that’s just in the United States. During the decade ending in 2027, PMI predicts the labor pool across 11 major countries including the U.S. will expand to nearly 88 million project management professionals, representing a remarkable growth rate of 33%!

The Advantages of Online Learning

UT Permian Basin’s Graduate Certificate in Engineering Project Management is delivered in a 100% online, asynchronous format that enables you to complete your coursework practically anywhere in the world, on a schedule that’s convenient for you. If you have ongoing personal and professional obligations, you’ll find the flexibility of our program invaluable. Those important commitments needn’t stop you from adding new skills and credentials to your resume.

Elevate your career potential with new credentials in one of the fastest growing fields in the world. Apply to our Graduate Certificate in Engineering Project Management program today.