Earning a master’s degree is an important step in both your life and career. It shows employers that you have the ambition to elevate your expertise in your chosen field to an advanced level. With the new skills you develop and a graduate credential on your resume, you can compete for coveted leadership roles within your current organization or with a new employer. Whether you’re moving right from earning a bachelor’s degree to starting a master’s degree program or going back to school after a few years, you’ll find that an online master’s degree from The University of Texas Permian Basin offers some significant advantages. Let’s look at a few of them now.

#1: Choose from a Variety of In-Demand Majors

UT Permian Basin offers online master’s degree programs in criminal justice administration, language, public administration, business, education, and more. Select programs allow you to gear your studies to an area that’s important to you. For example:

#2: Prepare for Professional Certification

Professional certifications are important—and often required for advancement—in many careers. Granted by recognized certifying organizations, certifications generally involve taking one or a series of exams. Like any exam, these certification exams require some prep work. Many of UT Permian Basin’s online master’s degree programs prepare you for key certifications in related fields:

Eligibility requirements vary by state and program. Check with your state’s education certification agency or board of public accountancy to see if your chosen UT Permian Basin program meets your state’s requirements.

#3: Start and Finish Your Program Quickly

You’ve already spent four years earning a bachelor’s degree and may not want to dedicate many more years of your life to completing your master’s degree. Our “no GRE required” policy removes one step in getting started on a graduate degree, so prospective students need only meet the standard admission requirements for their program. Once you begin your master’s degree, you may be able to finish it in as little as one year, depending on the program. Read more about our accelerated degree programs here.

#4: Complete Coursework on Your Schedule, Anywhere

The asynchronous presentation of our 100% online master’s degree programs provides tremendous flexibility. You can complete your coursework at your own pace from practically anywhere on the planet and never have to visit campus. If, like the majority of our graduate students, you have ongoing work and/or family responsibilities to meet, you’ll discover that this freedom can put a master’s degree within reach, even if you didn’t think it was feasible. As an online student, you’ll reach faculty and classmates using interactive online tools and gain access to an extensive array of services that can help make your graduate journey a smooth and rewarding one.

#5: Save With Our Cost-Effective Programs

If you research tuition and fees for online graduate degree programs, you’ll quickly discover that UT Permian Basin’s programs are among the most competitively priced and affordable options. Besides working to keep our tuition low, we also don’t charge out-of-state tuition rates, which can more than double the total cost of a degree program. Whether you live in Texas or Tasmania, you’ll get the same high-quality UT Permian Basin educational experience at a price you can afford.

Whatever your motivation for pursuing a master’s degree—from professional benefits to the pride of accomplishment—we have a program for you. It would be our pleasure to tell you more about the benefits of completing an online master’s degree with us. Reach out to us today!