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What Students Wish They Knew About Our Online Programs

Online programs can be an excellent option for students with a busy lifestyle, especially those balancing school, work, and family. Nevertheless, if you are new to online classes, you might wonder how they differ from on-campus courses. Here are some hacks students wished they had known before starting an online program.  Structure Your Own Schedule …

How the Pandemic Spurred GIS Innovation 

Geospatial technology is used in a range of sectors including government, utilities, environmental agencies, agriculture, telecommunications, and retail businesses, and the applications for geospatial technology, even within a single industry, are diverse and many. The COVID-19 pandemic not only gave us a new and essential reason to use the technology but catalyzed innovation within the…

8 Characteristics of an Effective Manager 

What makes a good manager? Whether you lead one or a hundred employees, the expertise and tone you bring to the workplace determines the success and happiness of your team.  In recent times, leadership roles have changed: The COVID pandemic and the rise of remote work have created unique situations requiring managers to possess more…

AI and Accounting: A Perfect Match 

In the modern business enterprise, accountants are expected to understand data analytics, forensic accounting, and risk management, among other highly sought-after skills. Artificial intelligence (AI) technologies—like the software used to track financial transactions—can make accountants’ lives easier, but with each passing year, these technologies are taking over an increasing number of accounting tasks from trained…

The Origins of Commercialized Holidays: Valentine’s Day 

What’s Valentine’s Day without a bouquet of roses, heartfelt greeting card, or heart-shaped box of chocolates? At least, that’s what it feels like for anyone shopping for their significant other, if only to outdo the previous year. No wonder so many people believe that this commercial holiday started as a marketing ploy. In actuality, the…

A Deep Dive into the Harlem Renaissance 

Harlem, New York, became an African American cultural mecca in the 1920s and the birth city of the most defining literary, art, and musical movement in African American history: the Harlem Renaissance.  After World War I ended in 1918, racial tensions were at an all-time high. Soldiers returned to their homes weary of segregation, prejudice,…

Criminal Justice
4 Fascinating Legal Gray Areas 

Laws are designed to protect people, organizations, and their property by codifying the “do’s and don’ts” of society. While many laws clearly state their purpose—at least to attorneys, who speak legalese—some are nebulous, confusing, counterintuitive, or otherwise open to (mis)interpretation. These are the “buts” to those “do’s and don’ts,” and we’ll be discussing them below….

The Tragic Coincidence That Started World War I 

More than 21 million dead, most of them civilians. The map of Europe redrawn. World War I—a conflict associated with the introduction of tanks, bombers, advanced artillery, chemical weapons, and trench warfare—left an indelible mark on civilization and the collective human psyche. History might’ve played out very differently, however, had a driver not made a…