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A Guide to Student Loan Forgiveness for Teachers 

Embarking on your journey as an educator is incredibly rewarding, but we all know how those pesky student loans can cast a shadow over your educational journey and persist even later in your career. Whether you’re just starting your degree or you’re a retired teacher exploring income-based repayment options, there are plenty of ways to…

Pursuing a Second Bachelor’s Degree 

Sometimes one degree isn’t enough to achieve your academic, professional, or personal goals. As a bachelor’s degree holder, should you go back to college for a second bachelor’s degree or apply to a master’s program? The answer is: That depends. Let’s look at each type of credential, address some common concerns, and then direct you…

The Flexibility of UTPB’s MA in English Program 

Steven Spielberg. Alfred Hitchcock. Undoubtedly, you’re familiar with these legendary filmmakers. Both widely admired and imitated directors are the subjects of their own dedicated courses in The University of Texas Permian Basin’s online Master of Arts in English. Our program takes a deep dive into consequential historical and modern English-language literature and film, giving special…

Success Stories: 5 Influential People With Degrees in Education 

Teachers and educators have an incredible influence on their students, whose futures can depend on a teacher’s passion and persistence. Yet there exists a cohort of educators whose influence extends beyond the classroom walls. Armed with education degrees, these educators have harnessed their knowledge to shape policies, ignite change, and inspire students everywhere.  Many have…