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Industrial Technology
What Is Industrial Technology?

Industrial technology is easy enough to define: a field of study devoted to improving the productivity, profitability, and safety of industrial processes through the application of engineering and manufacturing technology. Types of industrial technology include chemical, mechanical, and electrical processes that aid in production.   The role of an industrial technologist, however, is far more difficult…

How to Become a Healthcare Leader

“The most dangerous leadership myth is that leaders are born—that there is a genetic factor to leadership. That’s nonsense; in fact, the opposite is true. Leaders are made rather than born.” — Warren Bennis What is a healthcare leader? This term can refer to many different types of roles: administrators, directors, managers, etc. What each…

Job Outlook for Project Managers

The need for project managers is growing rapidly, and individuals with the right skills and credentials stand to benefit the most from this growth. Let’s take a look at the projected employment numbers for project managers and the institutions that are hiring, then explore a convenient online program that enables you to gain valued graduate-level…

What Is an Accelerated Degree Program Like?

Chances are that you’re within driving distance of a college campus right now. However, proximity doesn’t always mean convenience. Local colleges, while providing an adequate education, may be unable to provide for your unique needs. If you’re looking for a degree program that can be completed at your preferred pace, you’ll want to look online….

Mainstreaming Special Education Students

The terms mainstreaming (integration) and inclusion are often used interchangeably. The careful implementation of these contrasting teaching approaches, however, can have a profound impact on the academic outcomes of students with disabilities. Knowing the difference between inclusion and mainstreaming can help you better reach students with and without disabilities, so we encourage you to join…

The Evolution of Geospatial Technologies

In the past, a road trip often required a front seat “navigator” to fold over a bulky, multipaneled map to determine the optimum route. By the 1990s, Global Positioning System (GPS) technology was being incorporated into car dashboards in limited locations. It was later offered as stand-alone units that attached to a car’s dashboard, before giving way to cell phone apps that didn’t require users to purchase a dedicated device.   GPS-based road travel is the application of geospatial technology that many of us are most familiar with,…

Cyber Security
Biggest Data Breaches of the 21st Century

Many daily transactions, from shopping to scheduling an appointment, or simply checking up on a friend, now take place online. While this offers tremendous convenience, it also introduces new risks such as data breaches. Hackers regularly access, steal, and exploit potentially sensitive data from online servers. As these information systems become more sophisticated in detecting and thwarting such cyberattacks, hackers adapt their methods to circumvent increased protections.  There are many reasons why hackers steal data. It can be to disrupt the operations of an entity—a…

Why You Should Earn a Certificate In Digital Commerce with Your BBA

Earning a university degree can equip you with skills and credentials that will be a tremendous asset in your professional life. As Abigail Johnson Hess reports on, the long-held notion that a college degree “can be a clear path to stronger job opportunities and higher earnings” still holds true. College graduates take home about $30,000 more each year than those whose highest level of education completed is high school.   When choosing a college degree, it’s…