100% Online Cyber Security Certificate Programs

Today’s data-driven world is full of unprecedented threats to sensitive government, business, and personal information. It’s also full of career opportunities for those who have the skills and credentials needed to combat such threats. The University of Texas Permian Basin has designed two online certificate programs that prepare you for success in the cyber security field. 

Choose the program that aligns with your experience and education level: 

Undergraduate Cyber Security Certificate

Looking to start a cyber security career? Our 100% online Undergraduate Cyber Security Certificate program focuses on the skills, tactics, and tools you’ll need to qualify for an entry-level position in cyber security. This 14-credit program empowers you with the technical and strategic expertise required to recognize and communicate cyber security threats. We invite all prospective students with a high school diploma or GED to apply to this program. 

Graduate Cyber Security Certificate

Ready for greater career mobility? Our 12-credit, 100% online Graduate Cyber Security Certificate program examines advanced encryption methods, demonstrates how to pinpoint and prevent security weaknesses and intrusions, and provides a comprehensive understanding of network security. With this new credential and its corresponding skill set, you’ll be poised to move into more advanced roles within cyber security. We encourage all prospective students with a bachelor’s degree from an accredited university to apply to this program.