Undergraduate Cyber Security Certificate

Undergraduate Cyber Security Certificate Program Overview

High-profile breaches of sensitive data are increasing and underscore the need for cyber security professionals who are trained to prevent them. Our 14-credit online Undergraduate Cyber Security Certificate equips you with the technical and strategic knowledge needed to describe and identify cyber security issues in IT operations and software, and the techniques, skills, and tools that can prepare you for an entry-level cyber security job. Our program’s asynchronous, 100% online format gives you the flexibility to learn on your own schedule, anywhere.


Cyber Security Career Potential  
According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, demand for cyber security professionals is growing rapidly. Earning your Undergraduate Cyber Security Certificate from The University of Texas Permian Basin can be the first step toward a cyber security career in roles including:

Undergraduate Cyber Security Certificate Courses

Our online Undergraduate Cyber Security Certificate program consists of four courses, for a total of 14 credit hours.

COSC 1430 - Introduction to Computer Science I
16 weeks
Computer organization, algorithm design, programming, and elementary data structures. Introduction to programming in a high-level language.
Prerequisites: MATH 1314 - College Algebra
Semesters Offered: N/A
COSC 2430 - Introduction to Computer Science II
16 weeks
Data structures, data abstraction, information hiding. Advanced programming in the language of the current COSC 1430.
Prerequisites: COSC 1430 - Introduction to Computer Science I
Semesters Offered: N/A
COSC 3315 - Information Systems Design and Cyber Security
16 weeks
Computer systems and relationships between hardware and software components. Emphasis on business system design and analysis.
Prerequisites: COSC 2430 - Introduction to Computer Science II
Semesters Offered: N/A
COSC 4375 - Introduction to Computer Security
16 weeks
A consideration of security problems in computing, with emphasis on legal issues. Topics include cryptography fundamentals and data security, security of cryptosystems, operating system security, malware, network security, web security, security models and practices, distributed applications security, such as database security, email security, and social networking.
Prerequisites: N/A
Semesters Offered: N/A

As a Transfer Student Seeking the Certificate Only (Non-Degree)


Please provide the following:

  • Official transcripts from the last school you attended or are currently attending to show that you are in good standing
  • Completed transient application through goapplytexas.org


As an Incoming Freshman Admission Seeking the Certificate Only (Non-Degree)


If you have completed less than 24 hours of transferable college-level work from a regionally accredited college or university after graduating from high school or receiving your GED, please provide the following:


  • Official transcripts from all colleges and universities attended (including dual-credit work while in high school)
  • Official high school transcript showing GPA, class rank, and expected graduation date or GED scores
  • OPTIONAL AT THIS TIME: SAT and/or ACT scores from within the last five years (see below for minimum score requirements)
  • Completed application through goapplytexas.org


In addition, you may need to provide other transcripts to show proof that you meet any course prerequisite requirements.


If you wish to add this certificate as part of an existing degree program, you may do so once you’re formally admitted into the degree program. Speak with your academic advisor and let them know your interest in adding the courses necessary to complete the certificate.


Official Transcripts

Official copies of transcripts must come directly from the school in a sealed envelope and should be mailed to:

UT Permian Basin
Office of Admissions
4901 E. University Blvd.
Odessa, TX 79762

Official transcripts in electronic format can be sent to admissions@utpb.edu.


Minimum Score Requirements


High School Graduation Class Rank



Top 25%

No minimum score

No minimum score

2nd Quarter



3rd Quarter



4th Quarter




Application Fee


The application fee is $40.


If you are a freshman applicant, you may request a fee waiver when you apply by sending us your official college application fee waiver form provided by the SAT or ACT. You may also request a fee waiver if the Estimated Family Contribution (EFC) listed on your Student Aid Report is zero.


Test-Optional Policy


Students will be reviewed on a holistic basis focusing on the strength of the high school record, overall grade point average, grades within the core subjects, dual credit work, and additional information (resume and/or extracurricular activities, leadership opportunities, and work experience provided with the GoApplyTexas application). We also recognize the value of standardized tests as a piece of the review process and will consider scores alongside the other required application credentials, if provided. 


Associate Professor
Department of Computer Science

Dr. Yuan holds a PhD in computer science from Florida Atlantic University. His research interests include mobile computing, routing protocols, peer-to-peer computing, cloud systems, and network security. The purpose of his research is to develop new concepts, algorithms, and techniques and to harness existing techniques in network and security applications. He is currently head of the computer science graduate program and the Undergraduate Cyber Security Certificate program at UT Permian Basin.

Department of Computer Science

Dr. Haesun Lee holds a PhD in computer science from Illinois Institute of Technology. Her primary areas of interest are programming languages, object-oriented software design, and real-time operating systems. She has published and continues to do research in the areas of scheduling (bounded predictable tasks, periodic tasks, soft aperiodic tasks, and more), development process (conceptual through detailed), and validation methods and approaches (theoretical and practical applications). The purpose of her research is to develop new concepts and algorithms and apply them to real-world problems. Dr. Haesun Lee was a recipient of the 2006 UTPB Outstanding Teacher Award.

Department of Computer Science

Mr. Vuckovic is a full-time lecturer in computer science. He graduated from The University of Texas Permian Basin in 2012 and in the same year joined the computer science department. His interests are in object-oriented programming, software engineering, database systems, and robotics. In the spring of 2014, Mr. Vuckovic was awarded an Excellence in Teaching Award from the National Society of Leadership and Success.

LengthApplication DeadlineDocument DeadlinePayment DeadlineFirst Day of ClassLast Day of Class
Summer A5/1/235/8/235/12/235/15/236/30/23
Summer B6/19/236/26/236/30/237/3/238/17/23
LengthApplication DeadlineDocument DeadlinePayment DeadlineFirst Day of ClassLast Day of Class
Fall A8/14/238/21/238/25/238/28/2310/20/23
Fall B10/9/2310/16/2310/20/2310/23/2312/15/23
LengthApplication DeadlineDocument DeadlinePayment DeadlineFirst Day of ClassLast Day of Class
Spring A1/2/241/8/241/12/241/16/243/8/24
Spring B3/4/243/11/243/15/243/18/245/10/24