Industrial technology is easy enough to define: a field of study devoted to improving the productivity, profitability, and safety of industrial processes through the application of engineering and manufacturing technology. Types of industrial technology include chemical, mechanical, and electrical processes that aid in production.  

The role of an industrial technologist, however, is far more difficult to pin down. Industrial technologists occupy a variety of positions across the manufacturing, engineering, and healthcare industries, among others. To further define industrial technology, we’ll be taking a closer look at industrial technologists and the role they play in improving industrial processes.

We’ll also explore how a bachelor’s degree or undergraduate certificate from The University of Texas Permian Basin can instill you with the skills needed to advance your career. Proper credentials and training are instrumental for advancement, especially for professionals with a broad skill set like industrial technologists.

The Manufacturing Industry

In the manufacturing industry, industrial technologists have the unique challenge of managing processes and people. As such, they require a comprehensive education that can empower them with the technical skills of an engineer and the leadership skills of an operations manager. The ability to rely on the support of an effective team is essential, especially in an industry known for budget, time, and resource constraints.

UT Permian Basin students have the option of pursuing an online Bachelor of Science in Industrial Technology (BSIT) or an online Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences in Industrial Technology (BAAS-IT). Entirely asynchronous, both programs prepare students for decision-making roles in their organization. Both courses serve a slightly different purpose, however.

UT Permian Basin’s BSIT is designed with aspiring and current professionals in mind. By contrast, our BAAS-IT program provides individuals with an Associate of Applied Science degree with a direct path to a bachelor’s degree and can be tailored for professionals looking to advance their careers in the energy industry. Foundational manufacturing technologies covered in both programs include processes for fabricating metals, separating plastics, and conditioning composite materials.

The Healthcare Industry

Technology is transforming the delivery of essential services in the healthcare industry. Thanks to advancements like electronic health records, medical professionals have unprecedented access to knowledge that can assist them in promoting health, preventing disease, and caring for individuals and families. This industry is known for pushing boundaries in the name of increasing access to health services and improving their quality. Industrial technologists, with their aptitude for improving processes, are right at home in the healthcare field. Potential careers include:

  • Hospital administrator
  • Operations manager
  • Facility director

UT Permian Basin’s online Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences in Healthcare Leadership provides professionals with the skills needed to ensure effective delivery of services and overcome budget, time, and resource constraints in healthcare organizations. Designed for working professionals with an Associate of Applied Science, our online program prepares students for leadership roles, where their decision-making and problem-solving abilities will be frequently called upon. Potential careers include:

  • Industrial engineer
  • Quality supervisor
  • Supply chain manager

The Petroleum Industry

The Permian Basin is one of the world’s top-producing oil fields. Production, which declined in 2020 due to COVID-19, is now ramping up, and the number of hydraulic fracturing jobs now exceeds those from March of 2020. The math, science, and engineering skills that make industrial technologists so valued in other fields make them indispensable in the petroleum industry, which is why UT Permian Basin developed a graduate certificate to help individuals capitalize on the oil boom.

UT Permian Basin’s online undergraduate certificate in petroleum technology provides professionals with a deeper understanding of the technology used in the petroleum industry. For example, our online course Drilling Technology covers the principles and technologies of mud, air, and gas drilling, among other topics. This certificate can be added to a student’s BAAS-IT, further distinguishing graduates from their peers.  

Open the Door to New Possibilities at UT Permian Basin

What is industrial technology? It’s the improvement of industrial processes, but it’s more than that. It’s a way for you to open the door to new career possibilities. Rather than remain tied to one career or one industry, you can become a more well-rounded professional capable of thriving in a variety of fields.  

UT Permian Basin offers several online degree options designed with professionals like you in mind. Courses are 100% online and asynchronous, which will allow you to progress through the program at your own pace. Virtual classrooms are led by industry experts with years of experience, and under their tutelage, your knowledge will expand in the areas of creativity and problem solving, oral and written communication, and engineering and manufacturing principles.

Interested in developing your technical and managerial skills? Apply to one of UT Permian Basin’s online industrial technology programs and develop a skill set sought after in a variety of industries.