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Success Stories: 5 Influential People With Degrees in Education 

Teachers and educators have an incredible influence on their students, whose futures can depend on a teacher’s passion and persistence. Yet there exists a cohort of educators whose influence extends beyond the classroom walls. Armed with education degrees, these educators have harnessed their knowledge to shape policies, ignite change, and inspire students everywhere.  Many have…

More Undergraduates Are Pursuing Their Degrees Online 

Are you considering earning your bachelor’s degree? A recent federal government report revealed that more than 60% of undergraduate students were taking one or more online courses and nearly 30% of undergraduate students were enrolled solely in online courses. While the COVID-19 pandemic initially gave degree seekers no other choice, that’s no longer the case….

3 Ways the Spanish Language Shapes Cultures Worldwide

With a staggering 457 million people claiming Spanish as their first language, the Spanish language emerges as a cultural powerhouse that’s influenced the fabric of societies worldwide. Its impact spans from literature to education, influencing diverse and vibrant literary traditions while integrating into academic curricula worldwide.  Today, we delve into the intricate interplay between language,…

Valentine’s Day Marketing: The Business of Love 

Not even a week has passed since you stored away your Christmas decorations, and signs of the next big holiday are already on the rise. Pink and red heart-shaped boxes and a plethora of lovestruck stuffed animals line the shelves in every store.  It’s official: Valentine’s Day is approaching. Thanks to several well-planned marketing strategies,…

Exploring Group Polarization in Sports Team Rivalries 

Whether you enjoy football, basketball, or another sport entirely, you know one thing to be true—a person’s allegiance to their favorite sports team runs deep. Whether you’re an unwavering Houston Texans supporter or your devotion lies with the red, gold, and white of the Kansas City Chiefs, most fans stand by their team regardless of…

From Niche to Necessity: The Ever-Expanding Applications of Geographic Information Systems  

There’s a skill set that’s increasingly applicable throughout the working world today and can translate to greater employability for those who possess it. Businesses, nonprofits, and government entities are using geographic information systems (GIS) to glean an unprecedented level of data and saving lives, time, money, and other resources in ways previously unimaginable in the…

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