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Five Fintech Innovations That Changed the Way We Move Money 

Paperless paychecks have been around since the 1970s, allowing employers to electronically transfer wages into employees’ accounts on payday. Direct deposit, or ACH (Automated Clearing House), saves the time and effort of rushing to a brick-and-mortar bank location and waiting in line to deposit a check before the bank closes. It’s an early example of…

The Role of Healthcare Managers in Improving Patient Experience 

When we consider a healthcare professional’s role in the patient experience, we might be inclined to picture a patient-facing individual such as a nurse or a patient care technician. These professionals have an incalculably beneficial effect on patients’ health and well-being. But apart from having the proper skills and disposition required to do their jobs…

The Second Independence Day: Juneteenth and Its Significance 

All Americans know that our country’s Independence Day, observed annually on July 4th, marks our independence from England. Far fewer understand the second independence day observed by millions of Americans every June 19th. That date marks the liberation of the last remaining African slaves in America, who did not benefit from our Declaration of Independence….

America’s First Solar Powered City: Babcock Ranch 

If you’ve ever lived in Florida or watched news coverage of hurricanes hitting its coastlines, you understand the state’s vulnerability to these storms. In 2004, Florida endured four hurricanes (Charley, Frances, Ivan, and Jeanne) in the span of a little over a month. Hundreds of thousands of residents lost power, with only 17.5% relying on…

Solving the Mystery Behind Forensic Accounting 

From tax evasion to money laundering, when it comes to unraveling financial mysteries, forensic accountants are the unsung superheroes. Combining their investigative and problem-solving skills with their prowess in data analysis, they’re able to solve the seemingly unsolvable.  But how do they do it—and what do they do, exactly?  Today, we’re doing a little sleuthing…

AI Is Not Going to Take Over Your Job, But We Know Who Will … 

Robots are taking over the world, but not in the way science fiction writers imagined.   Welding robots assemble our cars. ATMs and online banking handle our deposits. And where overworked retail cashiers once asked, “Did you find everything okay?” there now stands self-checkout terminals.   Automation has long promised to revolutionize blue-collar work, which is repetitive…

From the Elite to the Everyman: An Evolution of Art 

When you think of adding artwork to your walls of your home, you might envision the iconic graphics of pop art or the nature-inspired strokes of impressionist pieces. No matter the style of art you’re after, you’re sure to find something to express yourself in the deep catalog of works available to the modern masses. …

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