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Sociology as a Discipline

Sociology is a social science focused on the study of human beings and their interactions with other individuals within a group, their society, and other cultures. The core benefit of sociology is that it can help us understand one another, resulting in less social strife, hatred, racism, sexism, poverty, illiteracy, and other institutionalized and personal…

Why Study History?

History is a subject rooted in the past, but it’s also connected to today and tomorrow. It informs our present, showing us how we arrived at the nation and world we inhabit today. And, as a topic of study, it can also tell us where we might be headed as a society—or even as individuals….

Accreditation: It’s a Pretty Big Deal

Consumer Reports Recommended. The Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval. Practically every product or service is eligible for some kind of designation that indicates quality and trustworthiness. Universities are no exception, and The University of Texas Permian Basin has been honored with many such acknowledgements, many in the form of accreditations. Have you ever wondered what…

What Is a Graduate Certificate Program?

Graduate school is often the end of a journey for students eager to start their careers. For experienced professionals, it offers the chance to move up the corporate ladder or pivot into a new direction. Yet no matter how necessary a graduate education may be for improving a person’s career prospects or satisfaction, it doesn’t…

Cyber Security
Cyber Security in the Age of Remote Work

Cyber security threats have always been moving targets. Hackers continually adapt their tactics to get around increased security measures and continue compromising networks and the data they contain. Organizations and individuals have had to pivot to keep their systems and data safe from these ever-evolving threats. Recent changes to how and where people access information…

The World’s Largest Clean Energy Projects

Clean energy comes in many forms. These renewable power sources create little to no pollution in the air, water, or soil, and some are even inexhaustible. Let’s look at a few clean energy sources, substantial clean energy efforts around the world, and energy business career potential—including salaries. Clean Energy Sources Some common sources of clean…

What Can I Do With a Master’s Degree in Special Education?

If you’re considering applying to a master’s in special education program, you might want to know what your career prospects will be after graduation. Here we explore just a few of the many professional advantages you can experience with a master’s degree in special education. Enjoy a Rewarding Career That Enhances Lives—Including Your Own Few…

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