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What Is a Nurse Licensure Compact State?

Disease spreads independently of state boundaries. For proof, you only have to look at COVID-19, which is devastating heavily populated areas across the country. Hospitals in places like Arizona and Florida are short-staffed and in desperate need of licensed medical personnel. Dozens of states have enacted temporary licensing waivers, permitting out-of-state healthcare providers to practice on…

Why You Should Earn a Certificate In Digital Marketing with Your BBA

Earning a university degree can equip you with skills and credentials that will be a tremendous asset in your professional life. As Abigail Johnson Hess reports on, the long-held notion that a college degree “can be a clear path to stronger job opportunities and higher earnings” still holds true. College graduates take home about $30,000 more each year than those whose highest level of education completed is high school.   When choosing a college degree, it’s…

Industrial Technology
What Is the Job Outlook for Industrial Technology Majors?

Industrial technology graduates have a tendency to land on their feet. Entry-level workers with a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Technology (BSIT) can find numerous entry-level industrial technology jobs with salaries of at least $50,000, while graduates who become licensed or certified in their field can go on to enjoy even more opportunities. Industrial technologists…

Challenges for Nurses in the 21st Century

Long hours, late nights, and sore feet are challenges that have plagued nurses since the time of Florence Nightingale. However, the advent of the 21st century has brought with it a new set of challenges that nurses must learn to overcome if they are to rise through the ranks, and there’s no telling what challenges await…

How Much of Communication Is Nonverbal?

We’ve all heard that 90% of communication is nonverbal, but is there any truth to this adage? When someone reads a transcript of a politician’s impassioned speech, are they really missing out on the majority of the message? While the audience may get the essence of what’s being said, there will always be something lost…

Criminal Justice
5 Hot Topics in Modern Criminal Justice

Stories related to the U.S. criminal justice system often make headlines. However, many of the complex and controversial issues covered in these stories don’t lend themselves to simple, clear-cut solutions and news-ready synopses. Here, we examine five current issues in criminal justice and explore the degree programs that can help make sense of these complex subjects:   Body Cameras Increased attention on fatal incidents involving alleged police misconduct has spurred a push to make body cameras standard equipment for police, alongside handcuffs and pepper spray. The intent is to achieve greater accountability and transparency regarding police actions through recorded evidence. This is…

What Is the Difference Between ESL and Bilingual Education?

English and Spanish are two of the most spoken languages in the world, with 1.268 billion and 538 million speakers, respectively. Professionals fluent in both languages increase their chances of finding career success—one of the reasons why Spanish is the first language spoken by the majority of ESL learners. Programs designed to help ESL learners…

The Importance of Kindness in Nursing

Kindness plays an underappreciated role in healthcare. Nurses who are able to show compassion can better connect with and provide for patients. There’s just one problem: Kindness can be in short supply in the medical field, where stress and burnout are very real problems for nurses and other healthcare providers. As a registered nurse (RN),…

The Importance of Transcultural and Multicultural Nursing

As the United States becomes increasingly multicultural, education must address the topic of multiculturalism so that degree holders will be properly prepared to serve the needs of our diverse society. Nurses interact with a diverse range of people on any given day. With an awareness of multicultural populations, nurses will be able to provide more…

Cyber Security
Biggest Data Breaches of the 21st Century

Many daily transactions, from shopping to scheduling an appointment, or simply checking up on a friend, now take place online. While this offers tremendous convenience, it also introduces new risks such as data breaches. Hackers regularly access, steal, and exploit potentially sensitive data from online servers. As these information systems become more sophisticated in detecting and thwarting such cyberattacks, hackers adapt their methods to circumvent increased protections.  There are many reasons why hackers steal data. It can be to disrupt the operations of an entity—a…

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