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Pursuing a Second Bachelor’s Degree 

Sometimes one degree isn’t enough to achieve your academic, professional, or personal goals. As a bachelor’s degree holder, should you go back to college for a second bachelor’s degree or apply to a master’s program? The answer is: That depends. Let’s look at each type of credential, address some common concerns, and then direct you…

More Undergraduates Are Pursuing Their Degrees Online 

Are you considering earning your bachelor’s degree? A recent federal government report revealed that more than 60% of undergraduate students were taking one or more online courses and nearly 30% of undergraduate students were enrolled solely in online courses. While the COVID-19 pandemic initially gave degree seekers no other choice, that’s no longer the case….

So You Want to Make a Difference in the World  

Are you determined to make a difference in the world? If so, The University of Texas Permian Basin has an online program that can equip you to make your mark on countless lives. Our programs will prepare you to launch a career in a life-changing field, enable you to advance within an existing career, or…

Online Learning: A Crash Course in Time Management for College Students 

Many college students prefer online learning because, with the exception of weekly deadlines, they’re free to complete coursework at their own pace.   Want to visit a future module and complete coursework ahead of time, or rewatch last week’s lecture to gain a deeper understanding of the subject matter? With remote learning, you can.   Self-paced online…

Master’s Degree or Graduate Certificate: Which One Is Right for You? 

If you’re standing at the crossroads of your educational journey, contemplating whether to pursue a prestigious master’s degree or focus on a specific skill with a graduate certificate, you’re not alone. Many aspiring professionals find themselves at this pivotal moment, grappling with the question of which path best suits their needs. Financial considerations, career aspirations,…

The Importance of Completing Your FAFSA Application 

After narrowing down your top university contenders and completing your applications, it’s time to consider what comes after you’ve been accepted. From choosing your classes for your first semester to purchasing every book on each course syllabus, there are so many items to add to your educational to-do list ahead of your first day of…

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