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America’s Top Careers Begin Here

People pursue a college education for a variety of reasons. They may be going straight into college following high school graduation or heading back to school after concentrating on personal or professional responsibilities. Some may yearn for the sense of pride and accomplishment that comes with completing a college credential.   Greater career potential is one…

What Can I Do With an MS in Finance? 

Could you be the next entrepreneur to reshape the business world? Do you have the skills for rapid advancement to an executive role? Could having the right degree help? Once you’ve earned a degree of any kind, your professional path depends upon your drive, experience, and credentials. Because earning a Master of Science in Finance…

What Can I Do With an MS in Energy Business? 

The energy business is a dynamic and challenging field and, for many, the source of a satisfying career. If you’re already working in the field and want to get more involved in the business aspects of the energy industry and increase your potential for advancement, you need to have a few advantages. First is drive,…

Course Spotlight: Literature and the Visual Arts 

“Painting is silent poetry, and poetry painting that speaks.” This phrase, first attributed to Simonides from Plutarch’s “Moralia” and later reiterated by the Roman poet Horace in “ut pictura poesis,” holds true even today. Writers have shaped—and simultaneously been influenced by—great works of art throughout history, and sociopolitical and cultural movements started by impactful literary…

Six Benefits of Our 4+1 MBA 

It’s not often a university degree program has a name that sounds like a math equation. But the 4+1 MBA offered online by The University of Texas Permian Basin adds up to something beyond any common higher education program: a five-year, dual-degree graduate path that all aspiring business professionals should consider. Our 4+1 MBA students…

Criminal Justice
How Would Criminal Justice Reform Affect America?

While it may seem a majority of Americans rarely agree on anything, nearly all surveyed adults—a surprising 95%—believe that our criminal justice system and law enforcement need some degree of reform. Criminal justice reform, encompassing law enforcement, the courts, and corrections, touches upon several hot-button issues in the United States. Approaching this type of restructuring…

Exploring Imposter Syndrome and Gender

“Imposter syndrome” is a popular term on the internet lately, though it has been around since the late 1970s. Georgia State University psychologists Pauline Rose Clance and Suzanne Imes coined the term “imposter phenomenon” in their 1978 study on high-achieving women who felt as though their success was not attributed to their own abilities. What…

How Stackable Certificates Add Value to Your Degree 

Stackable certificates are becoming increasingly popular among students and working professionals—particularly those who want to acquire specific career skills without the long-term commitment and high costs of earning an additional degree. A Pew Research Center study shows that 54 percent of working adults feel that learning new, transferable skills in niche areas is now essential…