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Exploring How Literature Intersects With Psychology 

Many of us enjoy a good book, and while we can usually identify what we like about it—interesting characters, an intriguing plot, the setting, etc.—we don’t always think more deeply about how those specific qualities connect with us. We certainly do feel them, however, and those evoked emotions are just one area in which psychology…

Communication vs. Communications: What’s the Difference?  

When you click “send” on a text message, your message turns into data and passes from a nearby cell tower to your mobile network’s short message service center (SMSC). The SMSC finds the intended recipient and sends your message to the closest cell tower. Finally, your message arrives.   Communication, including verbal and written communication, has…

History of the Spanish Language 

It’s the fourth most spoken language in the world behind English, Mandarin, and Hindi, according to some sources. Spanish is a diverse language that you might encounter across a wide swath of the globe. But where did it come from? Here we’ll present a brief history lesson on the origins of the Spanish language and…

How the Role of Nursing Has Evolved Throughout History 

The first professional many people encounter in a healthcare setting is a nurse, whether in a doctor’s office, the emergency room, on the phone, or in community outreaches. Nurses have vital roles in our healthcare system: providing care, advocating for patients’ rights, and advancing healthcare through research and education.  Being a nurse has many challenges…

The 7 Biggest Shopping Days and Their Origins 

Shopping holidays are a time-honored American tradition. Now, however, shoppers can decide whether to line up outside a brick-and-mortar store on Black Friday or fill a virtual shopping cart on Cyber Monday—or do both.  We’re here to explore the history behind seven of the biggest shopping days. Looking back, we may glean what makes shoppers…

Master’s Degree or Graduate Certificate: Which One Is Right for You? 

If you’re standing at the crossroads of your educational journey, contemplating whether to pursue a prestigious master’s degree or focus on a specific skill with a graduate certificate, you’re not alone. Many aspiring professionals find themselves at this pivotal moment, grappling with the question of which path best suits their needs. Financial considerations, career aspirations,…

5 Qualities of an Effective Superintendent 

Assuming the role of superintendent is not for the faint of heart. While it offers significant rewards, such as professional recognition and leaving a lasting educational impact, it also carries a substantial (and worthwhile) load of responsibilities.  From educational leadership to community engagement, the qualities required to become an effective superintendent are diverse. Some—like resilience—are…

The History of Thanksgiving: A Day of Thanks or Mourning?  

This November, American families will gather around the dinner table to feast on stuffed turkey before celebrating a timeless Thanksgiving tradition: Thursday Night Football.   Thanksgiving as we know it bears little resemblance to historical events. Once upon a time, Native Americans shared stores of food with English settlers—strangers from across the Atlantic—who would have starved…

The Importance of Completing Your FAFSA Application 

After narrowing down your top university contenders and completing your applications, it’s time to consider what comes after you’ve been accepted. From choosing your classes for your first semester to purchasing every book on each course syllabus, there are so many items to add to your educational to-do list ahead of your first day of…