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Industrial Technology
Programs for Your Technology-Focused Career

Technology is a primary driver of commerce and government today, keeping operations running smoothly for countless organizations worldwide. The University of Texas Permian Basin offers technology-focused online degree and certificate programs that can help you develop greater career expertise and professional potential. Created and taught by some of the top minds in their respective fields,…

Why Financial Analysts Are So Valued 

Financial analysts provide essential financial guidance to businesses and individuals alike. Let’s examine some of the duties they perform to see why financial analysts are so highly valued and why it pays to pursue a career in this lucrative role.  Job Duties of a Financial Analyst   The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) states that…

Thesis or No Thesis? That Is the Question.

Many master’s degree programs have a thesis requirement, though some make this element optional. Writing a thesis can be an important step for students who have specific ambitions beyond earning a master’s degree. Below we’ll examine those as we discuss: What a thesis is. How to decide whether writing a thesis aligns with your goals….

What Principals Can Expect From UT Permian Basin’s Online Superintendent Certification Program

Assistant principals and principals interested in advancing their careers face a reality familiar to their students: going back to school. Navigating the path to superintendency doesn’t have to pose an additional mental burden for educational leaders, however. Becoming a superintendent is a straightforward process, so long as candidates enroll in a certification program that takes…

The Path to Becoming a CPA in Texas

If you’re interested in becoming a certified public accountant (CPA), you’ve got some homework to do first. There’s the CPA exam, which you must study for and pass, of course. But before this critical step, you’ll also need to learn the CPA requirements for the state or territory in which you wish to take the…

Put Your Mind to Work: The Psychology of Personal Success

Nearly all of us are looking for the secret to personal success, quite literally. The self-help book “The Secret” has sold over 35 million copies worldwide by claiming success is derived from energy put out into the universe. Similarly, articles touting the “Top Habits of Successful People” promise that the key to a happy, healthy…

What Can I Do With an English Degree?

How do you envision an English degree program? A series of vocabulary and grammar lessons with an emphasis on pronunciation? In reality, an undergraduate English degree is not designed to teach you the English language but rather to complement your understanding of the language with an exploration of the rich culture of English-speaking people. In…

Political Science
Trends in Political Science

The dynamic world of political science is subject to constantly shifting trends and issues that may impact practitioners’ ability to do their jobs effectively. Let’s look at a few of these trends, both domestic and international, and see the role education may play in helping political science professionals address such trends in the future. Growing…