Lead the Way in Workplace Communication

Communication is the engine that keeps an organization moving forward, and no business can function without it. To achieve organizational goals, professionals in management, human resources, and other leadership roles must communicate clearly, consistently, and compellingly to keep employees informed and inspired. Though we already communicate in many ways each day, a university education in communication can best prepare us to thrive in our professional endeavors and beyond.

According to the U.S. Department of Labor, communication is one of the top skills employers consider in a job candidate. UT Permian Basin’s online Bachelor of Arts in Communication offers a Professional Communication track that equips you with the written and verbal skills you need to become a valued part of any organization. One of very few existing undergraduate degree options with a focus on workplace communication, our specialized track can prepare you for rewarding professional and academic paths, including:

  • Human resources professional
  • Department manager or supervisor
  • Nonprofit manager
  • Law school student

As you continue through the program, you’ll develop critical expertise in interpersonal communication, small group communication, negotiating conflict, leadership, and related topics. You’ll learn from dedicated and accomplished faculty with real-world knowledge of the communication field and gain practical experience that can be directly applied to your current or future career.

Why Earn Your BA in Communication With Professional Communication Track Online?

Delivered in an asynchronous online format, our BA in communication program enables you to complete your coursework on a flexible schedule from just about anywhere in the world—from Texas to Tasmania. Earning a respected university degree shouldn’t mean taking time away from your professional and personal commitments. Apply now and become a more versatile and in-demand professional at your own pace with a Bachelor of Arts in Communication with Professional Communication track from UT Permian Basin.