Registered nurses with a knack for leadership can transition into decision-making roles by earning a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) online from UT Permian Basin.

Become a Nursing Leader

By prioritizing your personal and professional growth, our online RN to BSN program will help you develop into a nursing leader. You’ll gain a deeper understanding of the needs of Spanish-speaking patients, the intricacies of organizational culture, the importance of patient-centered care, and much more. Above all else, you’ll learn to improve patient outcomes by promoting quality healthcare.

Upon graduating, you’ll be ready to thrive in leadership positions, where your medical knowledge and poise under pressure will be relied upon by doctors, nurses, and, most importantly, your patients.

Learn at Your Own Pace

Pursuing a degree may seem daunting for nurses with precious little time on their hands, which is why we’ve incorporated the latest in online best practices into our online RN to BSN program. With the exception of practicum courses, our program is composed of asynchronous elements that enable nurses to complete coursework on their schedule. Nursing students can log on after a shift, or wait for a long weekend before diving into a course module’s readings, assignments, and quizzes. UT Permian Basin entrusts nursing students to control the pace of their own education.

Nurse Manager Certificate

Earning a BSN degree is an honor in itself. However, graduates of our program can also pursue an optional Nurse Manager Certificate from Sigma Theta Tau Nursing Honor Society for an additional fee. This prestigious certificate further distinguishes graduates in the competitive field of nursing. Click here to learn more about this certificate.

Clinical Requirements

UT Permian Basin’s RN to BSN program requires students to complete two clinical courses conducted in person and with a nurse preceptor of their choice, as long as that person has a BSN and is working in a leadership role. By working closely with a nursing leader, students gain experience that will prove vital as they take on additional professional responsibilities.

Returning to work as a graduate of our program, you’ll have already practiced and perfected the skills you’ll need to transition into leadership roles.


General Education

34 credits required. 3 Liberal Arts credits must come from ENGL 2322, 2323, 2327, 2328 or COMM 1301. 3 or 4 Math credits must come from MATH 1314, 1324, 1332, 2412 or 2413.

CHEM 1111 – General Chemistry Lab I8 weeks1
ENGL 1301 – Composition I8 weeks3
ENGL 1302 – Composition II8 weeks3
ENGL 2322 – British Literature to 18008 weeks3
ENGL 2323 – British Literature Since 180016 weeks3
ENGL 2327 – American Literature to 18658 weeks3
ENGL 2328 – American Literature Since 186516 weeks3
COMM 1301 – Introduction to the Study of Communication8 weeks3
PLSC 2305 – American National Politics8 weeks3
PLSC 2306 – State and Local Politics8 weeks3
PSYC 1301 – Introduction to Psychology8 weeks3
HIST 1301 – History of the United States to 18778 weeks3
HIST 1302 – History of the United States Since 18778 weeks3
COMM 1315 – Introduction to Public Speaking8 weeks3
MATH 1314 – College Algebra8 weeks4
MATH 1324 – Applications of Discrete Mathematics8 weeks4
MATH 1332 – Contemporary Mathematics I8 weeks3
MATH 2412 – Precalculus8 weeks4
MATH 2413 – Calculus I8 weeks4

Nursing Major

The BSN degree requires a minimum of 120 sch with at least 48 upper level credits (3000/4000) and does not require a minor. The program consists of: (1) Pre-nursing major; and (2) the Nursing major.

NURS 3302 – Transcultural Nursing8 weeks3
NURS 4150 – Seminar: Practice of Professional Nursing I8 weeks1
NURS 4151 – Seminar: Practice of Professional Nursing II8 weeks1
NURS 4152 – Seminar : Practice of Professional Nursing III8 weeks1
NURS 4291 – Multicultural Public Health Nursing: Clinical8 weeks2
NURS 4250 – Nursing Research & Quality Improvement Science8 weeks2
NURS 4290 – Multicultural Public Health Nursing8 weeks2
NURS 4351 – Theories and Issues in Professional Nursing & Health Care8 weeks3
NURS 4450 – Clinical Leadership I8 weeks4
NURS 4451 – Clinical Leadership II8 weeks4
NURS 4452 – Global Health Nursing8 weeks4


Choose one class below.

MNGT 3310 – Management Concepts and Organizational Theory8 weeks3
MNGT 3311 – Business Communications8 weeks3

Admission Requirements

  • Current unencumbered RN license
  • Graduate of a nationally accredited professional nursing program approved by the Texas State Board of Nursing or appropriate state board
  • Minimum 2.5 GPA
  • Official transcripts from all colleges, universities, and nursing programs attended

Official Transcripts

Official copies of transcripts must come directly from the school in a sealed envelope and should be mailed to:

UT Permian Basin
Office of Admissions
4901 E. University Blvd.
Odessa, TX 79762

Offical transcripts in electronic format can be sent to

Application Fee

The application fee is $40 and must be paid when you submit your online application.

You may request an application fee waiver if the Estimated Family Contribution (EFC) listed on your Student Aid Report is zero.