Women comprise the majority of today’s marketing workforce. Although women are often touted as better communicators, this characterization alone doesn’t explain why women so often pursue an education and career in this dynamic field. 

Marketing is an area of business unlike any other. In this growing field, anyone can enter on the ground floor and rise to the top. It’s also a professional space where women can enjoy a flexible role and collaborate with driven, like-minded peers. Finally, it’s a field where women can use quantifiable data to prove their worth. If you’re considering a career where advancement and success are determined by education, experience, and expertise, a Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing from The University of Texas Permian Basin and a career in marketing might be for you.

1.    Shatter the Glass Ceiling

The gender pay gap is no secret. It’s a persistent problem found throughout all industries that has only improved slightly in the past few decades. Women are still only earning about 85% of what men earn due to factors such as gender discrimination, occupational segregation, and educational disparities. Fortunately, the barriers preventing equality in the workplace are being increasingly recognized and systematically addressed, and this trend toward parity is particularly apparent in the marketing industry.

A career in marketing entails far more than just making sales. It requires a thorough understanding of business fundamentals; the analysis of markets, competitors, and buyer behaviors for the development of marketing strategies; and the ability to execute those strategies. Although the ability to communicate is vital in a marketing career, success in your future marketing role will ultimately be determined by your ability to make informed decisions that drive results.

2.    Enter a Growing Field

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), “overall employment of advertising, promotions, and marketing managers is projected to grow 8 percent from 2018 to 2028, faster than the average for all occupations.” Marketing jobs for women are continually increasing because companies are always looking to establish and grow their online and offline presence. This means that professionals with an education in marketing will always be essential—a benefit that can’t be overstated, particularly in times of national economic uncertainty. Whether your interests lie in digital, multichannel, or e-commerce marketing, you’re going to be entering an adaptable industry with a promising career outlook.

Marketing managers made a median annual wage of $136,850 in 2019 per BLS data, and that’s just one position in this expanding field. If you’d like to count yourself among their ranks, your best bet is to obtain a BBA in marketing. UT Permian Basin’s online BBA in marketing program can prepare you for a career in a number of areas, including:

  • Brand management
  • Marketing management
  • Product management
  • Digital and social media
  • Market research

Earning a marketing degree can help you land your ideal position, whether you’re just getting started in marketing, changing careers within the field, or eyeing an upper-management position. In an equitable yet competitive industry like marketing, a reputable degree is essential for securing the pay and position you desire.

3.    Enjoy a Healthy Work-Life Balance

Not everyone is attracted to the marketing field for the money or stability, although those are certainly advantages. For many women, the chance to work in a position that is flexible enough to accommodate their lifestyle is reason enough to pursue a marketing degree. Because the bulk of their work is performed online, women in marketing can enjoy a flexible workplace and schedule. Imagine being able to perform your job duties from anywhere on the planet. A café in London or a hotel room in New York could be your workspace, assuming you have the Wi-Fi password. A flexible schedule is even more of a priority for many working women. With a flexible work schedule, women in marketing can:

  • Maintain time for their family
  • Help care for loved ones
  • Continue their education
  • Avoid burnout
  • Remain productive and creative

In many cases, marketing jobs for women place less emphasis on hours worked and more emphasis on completed projects that yield results. As long as you’re doing your job and doing it well, you’ll also be able to prioritize personal responsibilities or just enjoy a change of scenery while on the job. Our BBA in marketing program was designed with this work-life balance in mind. 100% online with flexible 8-week courses and six start dates a year, our program provides a convenient way to launch your career in this adaptable industry.

4.    Thrive in a Creative and Collaborative Environment

Just because you’ll have the freedom to work where you want, when you want, doesn’t mean you won’t be a valued member of a team. Pursuing a career in marketing means learning alongside other students who want to hone their natural talents and collaborating with a team of professionals working toward a common cause. There’s nothing quite like bouncing ideas off your peers at every stage of your education and career. If you’re a creative person who’s gone through life looking for like-minded types, there’s a good chance you’ll find them among UT Permian Basin’s marketing students. Many friendships born from UT Permian Basin classes have resulted in networking and career opportunities.

If you do happen to be a woman who is an accomplished communicator, your skills will serve you well in a marketing position. Marketing is all about communication—not only with your team, but with your target audience as you anticipate and address their needs. Wherever you land in the marketing field, your creative flair and communication skills will yield a satisfying career.

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