Marketing is often seen as a fast-paced, exciting world that requires a highly competitive—or even cutthroat—sensibility. In reality, those who enter the marketing industry find a welcoming field that rewards individuals willing to learn and grow as leaders and communicators. At The University of Texas Permian Basin, students who earn an online Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing go on to enjoy long-term careers in a rapidly growing field.

Thinking about a career after a BBA in marketing? Let’s take a look at some of the most in-demand marketing jobs.

1.    Marketing Manager

We’ll start with one of the roles that most frequently comes to mind when picturing a typical marketing career. As a marketing manager, you’ll develop and execute marketing campaigns for a wide range of mediums, including digital media and print media—or alternatively, you could specialize in just one marketing medium within your company. You might be evaluating campaign performance one day while brainstorming new marketing strategies with your team the next.

Through upper-level courses, such as Principles of Marketing and Marketing Management, students in our online BBA in marketing program are taught how to anticipate and thrive within tomorrow’s marketing landscape and excel within their roles, including marketing management. Marketing managers made a median annual wage of $136,850 in 2019, and with an 8 percent projected growth rate through 2028, demand for this role doesn’t show signs of waning.

2.    Account Manager

Although most, if not all, marketing jobs entail working with an internal team, there are also those that require client interaction. Account managers act as liaisons between marketing agencies and their clients—but don’t confuse this for a simple middleman role. Account managers are tasked with:

  • Anticipating and providing for client needs.
  • Fostering client-agency relationships.
  • Handling and relaying client communications.
  • Upselling agency products and services.
  • Working with sales and marketing teams.

As you can see, many marketing roles will require you to wear multiple hats. This is one of the main draws of the marketing industry: you never know what tomorrow will bring. An online BBA in marketing from UT Permian Basin can help prepare you for the multifaceted field of account management by teaching you how to analyze markets, competitors, and buyer behaviors to develop and propose marketing strategies. Account managers have an average base pay of $62,263 per year.

3.    Social Media Manager

Posting, tweeting, sharing—this is how people communicate today, and these are the same avenues social media managers use to market to them. Many students who enter UT Permian Basin’s online BBA in marketing program are already familiar with social media platforms, but there’s so much more to this role than just updating Facebook profiles. Social media managers are in charge of curating a company’s online presence by publishing eye-catching media and clear, concise, and informative content. In many ways, they are the voice of their company, as they engage directly with audiences. Like the two previous entries on this list, social media managers work with talented teams, use data to inform their decisions, and execute marketing strategies. This is the perfect job for those who want to take on a leadership role while maintaining their creativity.

The median base salary for a social media manager is $50,000 per year, but many graduates go on to find even more lucrative positions by putting their natural communication skills and creative impulses to good use. UT Permian Basin’s online BBA in marketing program can foster these natural talents while providing an essential foundation in business fundamentals and best practices. 

4.    Market Research Analyst

If you live to see your hard work turn into quantifiable results, market research analyst may be the career for you.  Like marketing managers, market research analysts help their companies figure out how to reach their target audience and promote their products or services. However, market research analysts take a more direct approach when making these decisions. As the job title implies, market research analysts analyze data they obtain through surveys, questionnaires, polls, and other sources to:

  • Deliver results, insights, and recommendations to clients.
  • Determine an organization’s position in the marketplace.
  • Measure the effectiveness of marketing strategies.
  • Predict marketing trends.

Although this job may seem like primarily crunching numbers, market research analysts must also possess soft skills in order to translate complicated findings into easy-to-understand summaries. Courses like Marketing Research can prepare you for the research aspect of this position, while the entire BBA in marketing program can equip you with the soft skills you’ll need to excel in this role. Market research analysts can expect to earn a median salary of $63,790 per year, or $30.67 per hour.

5.    Public Relations Specialist

Much like social media managers, public relations specialists carefully craft their organization’s voice. However, public relations specialists are also in charge of curating an organization’s entire public image across any and all platforms. Public relations specialists may also communicate with multiple audiences, including consumers, news outlets, and investors. Every encounter is an opportunity to present your company in the best light. The job duties of a public relations specialist, also known as media specialist or communications specialist, may entail:

  • Analyzing public opinion of an organization and its actions.
  • Curating and protecting an organization’s public image.
  • Ensuring an organization’s brand is consistent across all platforms.
  • Ensuring marketing strategies align with a company’s public image.
  • Preparing press releases and speeches.

For public relations specialists considering a career in politics, a BBA in marketing can also lead to a rewarding career as a press secretary. Perhaps more than any other career on this list, this role requires professionals to have outstanding problem-solving skills. At UT Permian Basin, our online BBA in marketing program prepares students for public relations by teaching them the skills needed to overcome challenging situations with grace and poise. Public relations specialists made a median annual wage of $61,150 in 2019, and that’s just one possible career out of numerous others in the marketing field.

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