“The most dangerous leadership myth is that leaders are born—that there is a genetic factor to leadership. That’s nonsense; in fact, the opposite is true. Leaders are made rather than born.”Warren Bennis

What is a healthcare leader? This term can refer to many different types of roles: administrators, directors, managers, etc. What each of these has in common is an individual who’s in charge of important services that directly or indirectly help improve patients’ health and overall quality of life.

To become a healthcare leader, you have to be driven by a passion for helping people. You have to know how to make the right decisions, sometimes under stressful conditions, and turn those decisions into effective actions using the resources that are available to you. You have to be able to delegate responsibilities and mentor others. You must be able to think outside the box when it comes time to solve problems. Previous work experience in healthcare is also essential because few people enter this field in a leadership role.

As you work toward a leadership position in healthcare, you’ll need to develop the qualities required of a leader in practically any profession, including:

  • Determination 
  • Integrity
  • Confidence
  • Charisma
  • Communication skills
  • Creativity
  • Patience
  • Flexibility
  • Quality focus

You may already possess some of these qualities. If so, you’ll still benefit from finding ways to strengthen and hone them.

In addition to personal development, you of course need to have formal credentials in healthcare leadership that show you’ve been educated by a credible source. This typically means earning a bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution.

Let’s take a look at why the coming years may be favorable for those pursuing a healthcare leadership career, then review two online degree programs that can help you build the qualifications you’ll need for a leadership role in the field.

Demand for Healthcare Leaders Is Growing

If you’re passionate about becoming a healthcare leader, now is a good time to begin that journey. Healthcare is growing in a number of different areas, and there’s a high demand for trained professionals to fill new roles, some of which offer salaries up to six figures.

Here is just a sampling of the in-demand healthcare roles that a bachelor’s degree program can help prepare you for:

Medical and Health Services Managers

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the predicted job outlook for medical and health services managers through 2029 boasts a tremendous 32% growth rate—much faster than the average for all occupations. Median annual pay, as of 2020, is $104,280.

Project Management Specialists

O*NET (Occupational Information Network) reports that jobs for project management specialists between 2019 and 2029 will grow by 5 to 7%—faster than average for all occupations. Median yearly pay, as of 2020, is $77,420.

Administrative Services and Facilities Managers

BLS projections show that employment for administrative services and facilities managers will grow by 6%—faster than the average rate for all occupations—through 2029. Median pay, as of 2020, is $98,890 per year.

We Can Help Make You a Leader

The University of Texas Permian Basin is doing its part to nurture tomorrow’s healthcare leaders. Our AACSB-accredited College of Business offers two online bachelor’s degree programs that will help you develop effective healthcare leadership skills:

Bachelor of Business Administration in Healthcare Management

Learn demonstrated ways to implement BBA business fundamentals in a healthcare context through courses focused on financial management among healthcare providers, patient services, and the legal and regulatory environments of the healthcare industry. 

Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences in Healthcare Leadership (BAAS in Healthcare Leadership)

In this program, you’ll learn proven strategies for complex problem-solving, project management and forecasting, and overcoming common limitations in the workplace regarding budget, time, and resources that every healthcare leader needs to know.

The Advantages of Online Learning at UT Permian Basin

Most courses for both of our healthcare management/leadership degree programs last just eight weeks, and all are delivered in an asynchronous, 100% online format. You can complete coursework on your own schedule, 24/7, from anywhere in the world while tending to ongoing work and family responsibilities. You’ll learn the same curriculum from the same renowned faculty who teach the programs on campus at UT Permian Basin, with added flexibility.

Hone your leadership skills for a rewarding career in healthcare. You’ll find the foundation you need in one of UT Permian Basin’s online healthcare management and healthcare leadership bachelor’s degree programs.