It’s not often a university degree program has a name that sounds like a math equation. But the 4+1 MBA offered online by The University of Texas Permian Basin adds up to something beyond any common higher education program: a five-year, dual-degree graduate path that all aspiring business professionals should consider. Our 4+1 MBA students earn a Bachelor of Business Administration*  followed by a Master of Business Administration. Let’s look at some key reasons you should pursue UTPB’s 4+1 MBA, with extra attention on the degree’s crucial career benefits. 

An Equation for Business Success 

There are so many good things to say about our 4+1 MBA program, we can’t break them down into just six specific benefits. Instead, we’ve expanded them to six benefit categories: 

1: Seamless Transition From Undergraduate to Graduate Studies  
With our 4+1 MBA program, you’ll enjoy a smooth transition from our BBA to our MBA program. No additional application—or corresponding application fee—is required.  

2: Recognized Affordability 
Our MBA program was included on U.S. News & World Report’s 10 Most Affordable Online MBA Programs list for 2022. In general, UTPB has lower tuition rates than many accredited universities of our standing. 

3: Higher Earning and Employment Potential 
What are the potential professional benefits of completing our 4+1 MBA? The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) has a lot to say on the subject. With a bachelor’s degree like a BBA, you can earn 38% more than if you had an associate degree alone and 65% more than if you had only a high school diploma. 

Of course, our program doesn’t end with just a BBA but with an MBA as well. The BLS states that master’s degree holders enjoy median earnings of 18% more than bachelor’s degree holders. Further, BLS data shows that the higher the degree you earn, the more likely you are to be employed. Some employers simply prefer candidates with a master’s degree.  

Let’s put those earnings percentages into real salaries by looking at related jobs and their median annual pay as reported by the BLS: 

  • Financial Analyst: $95,570 
  • Financial Manager: $131,710 
  • Human Resources Manager: $126,230 
  • Market Research Analyst: $63,920 
  • Operations Manager: $97,970 

With the broad foundation of general education courses and fundamental business concepts that make up the BBA component of the 4+1 MBA program, topped by the advanced knowledge of management, finance, marketing, and accounting that you’ll gain in our MBA program you’ll graduate equipped to take on a variety of rewarding business roles, including many fo the leadership level.

4: Accelerated Completion
An MBA is a leadership credential. Commit to gaining crucial professional experience alongside our 4+1 MBA program and you may be competing for business leadership positions when you finish your degree.  

Follow our recommended course plan and you can complete both programs in an accelerated five-year time span. 

5: Unequalled Convenience and Flexibility 
The asynchronous, 100% online format of our 4+1 MBA program offers tremendous convenience. You can learn on your own schedule, 24/7, from practically any location. No campus visits are required. This advantage enables you to continue giving your professional and personal commitments the attention they need while completing your degree. Our rolling admissions policy and six start times per year provide further flexibility.  

6: Peerless Business Credentials 
Offered through our College of Business, our 4+1 MBA program has its own kind of “business credentials.” The college boasts AACSB accreditation, a distinction that only 5% of business programs worldwide hold. This designation is your assurance that the college’s programs have undergone a meticulous peer-review process to ensure they uphold “the highest standards of excellence in teaching, research, curriculum, and learner success.” Program faculty members also have their own impressive credentials. Our team is made up of top researchers with extensive experience working in the business world. The bottom line: Our business credentials equate to a top-quality business education widely revered by employers. 

Give your future business career a boost with our online 4+1 MBA. Speak with a UTPB advisor today!

*Please note students who are enrolled in the BBA in Accounting program are not eligible for the 4+1 MBA program.