Could you be the next entrepreneur to reshape the business world? Do you have the skills for rapid advancement to an executive role? Could having the right degree help? Once you’ve earned a degree of any kind, your professional path depends upon your drive, experience, and credentials. Because earning a Master of Science in Finance opens many unique career pathways, we will show you key topics you’ll learn in an MS in finance program and how earning such a degree can continue to benefit you well beyond graduation. 

The Advantages of an Advanced Finance Degree 

Finance is unique among business disciplines in that it draws a direct line from an organization’s actions to its prosperity. Equipped with an advanced finance credential, you can make a significant impact on your organization’s bottom line. An MS in finance empowers you to: 

Enjoy Greater Earning Potential and Job Security 

According to the 2022 GMAC Corporate Recruiters Survey, master of finance salaries are on the rise, with a 15%+ increase in median salaries from $95,000 in 2021 to $110,000 in 2022 alone. Further, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reports master’s degree holders are more likely to be employed than individuals with a degree from the undergraduate level or lower.   

Attain Top Roles in Top Companies 

What do Jeff Bezos, Martha Stewart, and former Nike CEO Phil Knight have in common? Apart from considerable fame and financial success, that is. All of these entrepreneurs have a background in finance. In fact, most Fortune 500 company executives come from a finance background. An MS in finance can be your key to the C-suite.  

Pursue a Broad Range of Rewarding Careers 

An MS in finance prepares you to follow many finance-related career paths from executive leadership roles to crucial supporting roles in an essential industry. Here are a few examples of those roles and their median annual pay as reported by the BLS: 

Develop Specialized Finance Expertise 

Unlike some other business degrees, an MS in finance provides students with a specific financial management perspective. The curriculum will help you hone your analytical and executive decision-making skills and build your expertise in statistics, business analytics, investments, corporate finance and strategy, and international finance. Elective courses in energy finance, investments, and risk management or financial services topics like real estate analysis or financial planning allow you to focus on your preferred industry emphasis. 

Chart Your Own Course 

With the right combination of skills, credentials, and ambition, you can become an entrepreneur. As part of our online program, you’ll choose the elective courses that best suit your interests and professional goals. By following your passion, mastering the fundamentals, and putting in the effort, you just may become a household name! 

Differentiate Your Resume 

While employers receive many MBA resumes for finance positions, an MS in finance indicates a more targeted financial education and can make your resume stand out.  

Get to the Finish Line Faster 

An MS in finance program typically requires fewer credits than an MBA in finance program. 

Where Can I Earn an MS in Finance? 

The University of Texas Permian Basin offers a 100% online MS in finance program that provides all the benefits detailed above—and has so much more going for it. Our program is: 


Our online MS in finance features the same rigorous curriculum taught by the same industry-experienced, research-oriented faculty who teach at our Odessa, TX campus. 


Offered through our renowned College of Business, this program has been awarded AACSB accreditation—a designation that a mere 5% of business programs worldwide share. Further, our program is among the very few Texas university programs of its kind to boast STEM certification. 


We have some of the most competitive graduate tuition rates among accredited universities of our standing in the United States. 


Delivered 100% online, our program enables students to complete coursework on a flexible schedule from virtually anywhere on the planet. This is an irreplaceable benefit when professional and personal commitments are also involved. 

See where you can steer your career with an MS in finance! We accept applications year-round, so there’s no need to wait until the end of the current or any semester. Apply now!