A Master of Business Administration (MBA) is a flexible degree covering a wide array of business subjects. Students undecided on their career path often pursue an MBA for an education in business fundamentals and for the opportunities a master’s degree affords. 2020 MBA graduates are predicted to earn an average starting salary that’s $20,000 higher than graduates with a degree in business, and MBA-holders who concentrated their studies within a specialized field often enjoy even higher salaries and job prospects.

An MBA with a concentration in finance is perfect for students who want the best of both worlds: an overview of business fundamentals and a focus on financial management. With an education covering investment, economics, and accounting, graduates of MBA programs with a finance focus are highly employable, often finding employment within three months of graduating. If you’re interested in finance, The University of Texas Permian Basin can help you on your way toward a fulfilling career.

Enter the World of Finance

Why choose a finance specialization when an MBA alone can already lead to a rewarding career? It’s true that UT Permian Basin’s online MBA program prepares students for leadership roles in the business, sales, marketing, and information technology fields. In addition, like our MBA program with a concentration in finance, our MBA program is affordable, 100% online, and accredited by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB). However, an MBA with a finance focus can ease—and often accelerate—your transition into a career in finance as a financial manager, chief financial officer, or analyst, just to name a few options.

Think of it as the difference between a general practitioner and a surgeon. A general practitioner can help in a wide variety of medical areas, but only a surgeon can wield a scalpel with expert precision. Both enjoy rewarding careers, but surgeons will ultimately earn a higher salary. So how do you become a surgeon of finance?

UT Permian Basin’s online MBA program with a concentration in finance empowers students with the skill set needed for a career in the world of budgeting, investments, and financial systems. Core courses are paired with concentration courses—e.g., Management of Financial Institutions, Options & Futures, International Finance—to teach the financial skills needed to thrive in virtually any industry. It’s no wonder that graduates of our online MBA program with a concentration in finance are so employable.

Become a Highly Employable Professional

Students enrolled in our program are often already gainfully employed and are looking to advance their careers. However, students looking for a career change may join our program to make themselves more employable. Either way, graduates who have earned an MBA with an emphasis in finance will be in demand regardless of where they end up.

According to U.S. News & World Report, the average employment rate for 2019 graduates three months after graduating from full-time MBA programs was over 80%. The demand for MBA graduates is further exemplified by findings from the Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC), which showed that 78% of employers planned to hire recent MBA graduates in 2019.

Employers are looking for MBA graduates, but that won’t make your career search any less competitive. Professionals stand out from the crowd when their resume mentions a specialty, especially an MBA with an emphasis in finance.

Enter a High-Paying Career Field

U.S. News also reports that the average salary for 2019 graduates of full-time MBA programs in the financial services industry was $130,001—among the highest salaries recorded. Monster similarly reports that finance is among the best-paying MBA majors. Graduates of MBA programs with a finance focus often earn six-figure salaries because of the in-demand knowledge and skills that only they possess. Let’s take a look at the median annual salaries for several finance careers as reported by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).

Financial Manager

Financial managers are responsible for an organization’s finances, including development and strategies for achieving long-term financial goals. On average, financial managers made $129,890 a year in 2019, but the highest 10% earned over $200,000.

Financial Analyst

Financial analysts look at financial data to guide organizations in their investment decisions. Financial analysts earned an average annual salary of $85,660 in 2018, but the highest 10% earned over $160,000.

Budget Analyst

Similar to financial analysts, budget analysts look at financial data to make recommendations, but their focus is on helping organizations budget and track spending. Budget analysts made an average annual salary of $76,540 in 2019, but the highest 10% earned over $116,000. 

Join a Network of Career-Driven Professionals

Networking is essential in a financial career, and it begins long before applying for a new position. As a student of our online MBA program with a concentration in finance, you’ll (virtually) learn and engage with other aspiring professionals who have made it their priority to succeed in the world of finance. Long-lasting relationships born of this program will serve you well in the years to come, as your colleagues inform you of new opportunities, industry trends, and career advice. At UT Permian Basin, ensuring your future success begins the moment classes start.

Why Choose UT Permian Basin?

Students with a mind for finance are often interested in pursuing degrees with the highest return on investment (ROI). At UT Permian Basin, our AACSB-accredited online MBA program with a concentration in finance costs less than $15,000 to complete (about $11,000 for students who already have undergraduate business degrees). For less than $15,000, students gain access to a first-rate education and one of the most financially rewarding career fields for MBA graduates. 

Although an MBA with a finance focus can be earned in as few as 15 months, our program is also entirely online and can be completed at your own pace, meaning there’s no need to forgo personal or professional responsibilities. Continue your education and your current career without needing to prioritize one over the other.

UT Permian Basin’s online MBA program with a concentration in finance will expand your competencies in financial management, empower you with an in-demand skillset, and connect you with a network of like-minded students. If you have a clear career goal in mind, invest in a degree with a concentration that aligns with that goal. For an affordable, flexible, and first-rate financial education, apply to UT Permian Basin’s online MBA program with a concentration in finance.

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