Criminal justice is a broad term that incorporates the various departments involved in our legal system and the processes that take place within them, from investigation through to apprehension, arrest, trial, incarceration, and paroling of criminals. There are many career paths one can take within criminal justice, from crime scene investigator, police officer, and probation officer to department administrator. No matter which role you might pursue, you’ll need a strong foundation in criminal justice education. The University of Texas Permian Basin offers online bachelor’s- or master’s-level criminal justice degree programs that can help you gain this foundation conveniently and affordably.

What is taught in criminal justice degree programs? Essential principles that help prepare you to begin a career in the criminal justice field or move into a leadership position within an existing criminal justice career. Here we present six things you’ll learn in a criminal justice program, followed by more specifics about each of our online degree programs:

  1. The Structure of the American Judicial System
    Any study of criminal justice in the United States must provide a foundational knowledge of American judicial systems. Our bachelor’s degree program offers that introductory understanding of judicial systems at the local, state, and federal levels, paying particular attention to those courts with criminal jurisdiction.
  2. Public Administration’s Connection to Criminal Justice
    Public administration and criminal justice are inextricably linked. Our master’s program will show you how to identify management issues that impact a government body’s ability to run criminal justice agencies, including the economic, political, social, and legal landscapes those agencies must navigate.
  3. Theories About the Origin of Criminal Behavior
    What causes people to commit crimes? Our bachelor’s program examines many common theories and ways those theories can be harnessed to prevent and control crime.
  4. Advanced Research Methods
    Our master’s program takes a deep dive into research methods used to determine the causal factors of criminal activity. Graduates are empowered with the ability to analyze and critique such methods, particularly with regard to human trafficking.
  5. The Role of Police in a Democracy
    We cover a number of contemporary issues in our bachelor’s degree program, including use of force, minority relations, and overall community relations.
  6. Policy Evaluation and Development
    In a time when law enforcement policies are under increasing scrutiny, the need to bring about positive change within the criminal justice system has reached a critical level. Our programs demonstrate how the evaluation of existing policies and development and implementation of new policies can create a better balance between the needs of law enforcement and the rights and dignity of suspects.

Professional Benefits of Our Criminal Justice Programs

Let’s take a more detailed look at our two online criminal justice degree programs, which we’ve designed to accommodate different levels of education and professional experience. One of these programs may be just what your career needs.

Bachelor of Science in Criminology and Criminal Justice Studies

We designed our online Bachelor of Science in Criminology and Criminal Justice Studies program for those who want to protect and serve the public and who wish to help transform the criminal justice system from the inside out. This program explores all facets of the criminal justice system, including present-day challenges and controversies, conflict resolution approaches, and crime prevention tactics, providing an essential foundation for those interested in pursuing a job in criminal justice. All criminal justice courses within this program are taught by highly experienced professionals who have worked within or alongside the criminal justice field.

Master of Science in Criminal Justice Administration

If you’ve already earned an undergraduate-level degree in criminal justice or a related discipline and are currently working within the criminal justice field, you may be ready to take a major step forward by embarking on graduate studies. Our online Master of Science in Criminal Justice Administration program can give you the respected graduate-level credential required for advancement within many criminal justice agencies. During this program, you’ll build proficiency in the criminal justice concepts and practices needed to become a leader in the field. All courses for this UT Permian Basin criminal justice program last just eight weeks, and you can collect your degree in as little as one year.

The Benefits of Learning Online With UT Permian Basin

All courses for both of these degree programs are presented in an asynchronous, 100% online format, which offers you some considerable advantages. You can complete coursework at your own pace, 24/7, from virtually anywhere in the world. If you have professional and/or family responsibilities, as many of us do, you’ll find this flexibility invaluable. Pursuing an education shouldn’t interfere with you living your life—especially since it’s intended to enhance it! Our online programs feature the same curriculum and instructors as their on-campus counterparts and provide a great way to earn a credential that can launch or transform a career in criminal justice.

Discover what our online degree programs in criminal justice have to offer you and your professional future!