If you work in Texas law enforcement and are interested in pursuing a criminal justice bachelor’s degree—or are currently doing so—you may be eligible to earn your universally respected education credential at little to no cost. For more than 50 years, the Texas Education Code has exempted our valued law enforcement personnel from tuition and fees on undergraduate criminal justice courses. Let’s look more closely at what the tuition assistance program known as the Heroes Fund could mean for you and your professional future. 

What the Heroes Fund Does for You 

The Heroes Fund covers tuition and lab fees for core criminal justice courses within an applicable bachelor’s degree program such as The University of Texas Permian Basin’s online Bachelor of Science in Criminology and Criminal Justice Studies. “All courses with the CCJS prefix are covered for law enforcement and other first responders,” explained Dr. John Fisher, assistant professor and coordinator for our program. “Most law enforcement personnel will qualify for financial aid that takes care of the rest of the degree costs.”  

Saving money on a respected degree is a benefit we can all appreciate. But your degree can also put professional advancement within reach. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) states that some law enforcement agencies may require a candidate to have a bachelor’s degree before being considered for promotion to the rank of lieutenant or higher. You might also wish to move to a different agency and become, for example, a fish and game warden—a position that typically requires a bachelor’s degree. Or you might aspire to move to a different level of agency, such as federal law enforcement. FBI detectives and investigators, as examples, may be required to have a bachelor’s degree. If you want to become an FBI special agent, your bachelor’s degree can serve as a pathway to the required master’s degree.  

Why You Should Use the Heroes Fund to Earn Your Degree With UTPB 

UTPB’s online BS in criminology and criminal justice studies program offers considerable advantages. If you’re thinking about enrolling in a criminal justice bachelor’s degree program, or if you’re currently enrolled in a similar program at another university, we’d like to take the opportunity to show you how joining our program can benefit you. 

Recognized Quality 

UT Permian Basin is accredited by SACSCOC, the accrediting body of record for most of the southern region of the United States. SACSCOC’s mission is to “assure the educational quality and improve the effectiveness of its member institutions.” Those criteria are directly reflected in our criminal justice bachelor’s degree. 

Field-Experienced Faculty 

The faculty for our criminal justice bachelor’s degree program is made up of individuals with many years of experience working in law enforcement, corrections, and other areas of criminal justice. You get an insider’s perspective from the people who know the system best. 

Online Flexibility 

The 100% online, asynchronous format of our program offers tremendous flexibility when you’re juggling shift work and personal commitments. You can access our virtual classroom to view lectures and complete tests and assignments 24/7 from just about anywhere in the world. No campus visits. No commute or associated costs. You’ll quickly come to find this convenience irreplaceable! 

Wide-Ranging, Consequential Curriculum 

Our online criminal justice bachelor’s degree program provides a deep dive into an increasingly dynamic field. Through our program, you’ll have the opportunity to: 

  • Explore the criminal justice system from the top down through our research-based curriculum. 
  • Discover how to effect positive change in the criminal justice system from the inside. 
  • Gain a multi-disciplinary perspective of criminal justice studies through courses from other programs connected to the criminal justice field, e.g., psychology. 

Find out if you’re eligible for a tuition and fee exemption for this program through the Heroes Fund. Contact UT Permian Basin’s financial aid office today. We’re ready to welcome you!