On a late winter’s day in 1908, an estimated 15,000 women took to the streets of New York City to protest wage inequality, a lack of professional advancement opportunities, long working hours, sexual harassment, and other ongoing issues. Change was slow to come, and the march itself was many decades in the making, with American women having challenged inequitable workplace conditions since at least the 1830s. A few years following that 1908 demonstration, International Women’s Day was instituted to honor women, their struggles and accomplishments.  

Below we’ll take a brief look at a few milestones connected to International Women’s Day and meet some of the women who have distinguished themselves as administration leaders right here at The University of Texas Permian Basin. 

International Women’s Day Important Dates and Facts  

  • 1909: National Women’s Day was established in the United States  
  • 1911: The first International Women’s Day was observed  
  • 1913: The current International Women’s Day commemoration date of March 8 was established  
  • 1975: The United Nations began to observe International Women’s Day  
  • 1996: The U.N. introduced an annual theme for International Women’s Day 
  • 2011: President Barack Obama declared March “Women’s History Month” 

Distinguished Leaders in Our Midst  

Women have made considerable strides in the professional realm and beyond since International Women’s Day was first observed. Though professional hurdles remain for women, they have become the majority in the college-educated workforce, with 2022 figures showing women hold 50.7% of U.S. jobs among college graduates. Among these women are several indispensable leaders that UT Permian Basin is very proud to call our own! Let’s meet them now: 

Dr. Sandra Woodley, UT Permian Basin President 

In 2017, UTPB got its first female president when the University welcomed Dr. Sandra Woodley to the post, where she remains to this day. Dr. Woodley has a long track record of leadership in education, having previously been chief executive officer for the University of Louisiana System, one of the largest higher education systems in the country. She has also fulfilled executive roles in higher education for other states. In addition, Dr. Woodley held board of director and strategic advisor positions for renowned national organizations. Read more … 

Dr. Susan L. Ganter, Provost, Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs, Professor of Mathematics 

Alongside her duties as part of the UTPB administration, Dr. Ganter is a leading researcher focused on innovations in mathematics and science curricula at the postsecondary level, with an eye toward fostering greater access and success among underrepresented students. She has also worked in a directorial capacity for several organizations and colleges. Read more … 

Dr. Becky Spurlock, Senior Vice President for Student Affairs and Enrollment Management 

In addition to her senior vice president responsibilities for a UTPB department that encompasses admissions, financial aid and scholarships, and the registrar’s office, Dr. Spurlock is an assistant professor in our College of Education’s Department of Educational Leadership. With more than 25 years of experience in student affairs, she is also an engaging, in-demand speaker and consultant in the field. Read more … 

President’s Office Staff 

These highly accomplished women also help keep the UTPB president’s office and the University itself running smoothly:  

  • Tatum Hubbard, Chief of Staff and Vice President of Communications and Marketing 
  • Tanya Lowery, Chief Compliance Officer  
  • Paige Cooper, Assistant Vice President of Government and Community Affairs 

Realize Your Own Leadership Potential 

The UTPB administration is led by great women, and they wouldn’t be exceling in these roles without strong educational backgrounds of their own. At UT Permian Basin, we’re committed to helping all students realize their professional goals, whether it’s empowering them to launch a career from the ground floor or build the expertise and credentials necessary for a rewarding leadership role. To that end, we offer dozens of online degree and certificate programs that collectively represent required credentials for a career in practically any field. You can complete our online programs on a flexible schedule from practically anywhere in the world! Browse our program options now: 

Whichever online UTPB program you choose, you can be assured it’s backed by the finest leadership.