Are you considering earning your bachelor’s degree? A recent federal government report revealed that more than 60% of undergraduate students were taking one or more online courses and nearly 30% of undergraduate students were enrolled solely in online courses. While the COVID-19 pandemic initially gave degree seekers no other choice, that’s no longer the case. Online and hybrid degree program enrollments are increasing even when students have other options. 

Here we’ll explore some reasons why students are pursuing their undergraduate degrees online, and why you should consider doing so as well—through The University of Texas Permian Basin. 

Being Digital Natives 

Though some will say anyone born in 1980 or after is a digital native, the “real” digital natives (those who have never known a world without the internet), are arguably Gen Z—born somewhere in the range of 1996-2012. As digital natives, they’re accustomed to conducting as many of their daily activities online as possible, as tends to be their preference. If one is communicating, shopping, banking, and possibly working online, earning a degree online may be a foregone conclusion.  

Appreciating Convenience 

Data contemporary with the federal government report cited above shows that 91% of full-time undergraduate students at four-year public institutions are under the age of 25, potentially supporting the digital native connection. That’s not to say online degree programs are only for students of any specific age, however. Recent high school graduates and non-degreed, established working professionals alike are realizing the tremendous advantages that online undergraduate programs provide: 

  • 24/7, worldwide classroom access 
  • Self-paced learning 
  • Flexibility in coursework completion that accommodates professional and personal commitments 

Wanting to Save Money 

In a time of alarming inflation, being able to forego the costs associated with a college commute—parking permits, gasoline, tolls, and even vehicle wear and tear—is a plus some first-time students can’t pass up. Depending on their chosen institution, they may also be able to save on tuition. 

Seeking Expanded Networking Opportunities 

Because of their international reach, online degree programs give undergraduate students, especially those who may not be very far along in a career, the opportunity to make some professional contacts from the global workplace. These are the people they’ll want to stay connected with and reach out to for career advice and tips about job openings when approaching graduation. 

16 In-Demand Online Programs, Unlimited Career Potential 

The student body of UT Permian Basin is composed of greater than 80% undergraduates. At UTPB, we understand your goals, and we’re here to help you achieve them! We offer online degree programs for undergraduates who know exactly where they want to go and for those who want the flexibility to pursue a variety of rewarding career paths with their college credentials. All UTPB’s online programs: 

  • Welcome eligible students of all ages and from all corners of the U.S. and around the globe. 
  • Offer the conveniences unique to the online learning format. 
  • Are available at a tuition rate that is among the most affordable of any accredited university. 

We’ve sorted our online undergraduate degrees by UTPB college or school below. Click on any link to view each program’s overview, requirements, courses, and potential careers and salaries: 

UTPB College of Arts & Sciences 

UTPB College of Business 

UTPB School of Nursing 

*Programs available online exclusively at this UT System institution. 

A degree can open new doors for you. Online programs make it easier to reach those doors. Consider earning one of our undergraduate degrees online and apply to your chosen program today!