Steven Spielberg. Alfred Hitchcock. Undoubtedly, you’re familiar with these legendary filmmakers. Both widely admired and imitated directors are the subjects of their own dedicated courses in The University of Texas Permian Basin’s online Master of Arts in English. Our program takes a deep dive into consequential historical and modern English-language literature and film, giving special attention not just to their words but to their cultural, sociopolitical, and psychological themes and encouraging students to uncover modern parallels in own their lives.  

Our program provides an enriching exploration for students who are ready to move into graduate-level English studies and seek new perspectives of the world. Aside from its engaging curriculum, the flexibility of our program offers a fulfilling experience for students while completing their online master’s degree in English and afterward. Let’s look at that unmatched flexibility now—including capstone options that allow you to decide how to conclude your degree and other advantages—and see if our program might be a good fit for you. 

Build a Broad Range of In-Demand Career Skills While Earning Your MA in English 

As an English graduate student, you’ll hone essential soft and durable skills such as communication, problem-solving, critical thinking, and teamwork. While these have long been acknowledged among the most important life skills, prominent organizations from Forbes to the U.S. Department of Labor now identify this diverse skill set as crucial for anyone wishing to compete and advance in the professional sphere today. 

Choose From Four Capstone Options 

Our MA in English program offers diverse electives and the flexibility to finish your program your way, based on your interests and accomplishments. Dr. Sophia Andres, English MA program director and faculty member, provided some insight on this unique advantage: “Unlike other MA programs which offer a thesis as the only capstone option, UTPB offers four different options, each catered to the students’ needs.” Those options include: 

  • Thesis  
  • Scholarly article 
  • Project 
  • Portfolio 

There’s added flexibility for students in terms of the source of any of these capstones, as Dr. Andres explained with one example: “The project can be a longer [version] of a paper that they already wrote for a class, but they were so excited they felt like, ‘I wish I had the time to write more about this.’ Okay, so go on, write the project on it.” 

Follow a Variety of Professional and Academic Paths 

Equipped with an MA in English, you can take numerous rewarding career paths, including: 

  • Human resources manager 
  • Advertising and promotions professional 
  • Fundraising manager 
  • Secondary school teacher 
  • Writer/editor 

See salary and employment potential for these and other jobs related to this degree. 

If you plan to continue your academic pursuits after completing your online master’s degree in English, you’ll find our program and the corresponding skills a strong foundation for doctoral studies or law school

Experience the Most Flexible Learning Format 

Presented 100% online through asynchronous courses, our MA in English program empowers you to complete coursework on your own schedule. Access lectures, take exams, and submit assignments 24/7, from practically any location in the world. You don’t have to live in Texas or even in the United States. UT Permian Basin is proud to have students from 45 different countries in our programs, and if you travel abroad, you can take your program with you. 

Find the Freedom to Earn More 

Adding a master’s degree to your resume can lead to greater earning potential. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), master’s degree holders enjoy median earnings of $86,372 per year. That’s 16% higher than the reported median earnings of individuals with a bachelor’s degree alone. The BLS also shows those with a master’s degree are more likely to be employed. 

Do yourself this favor: Choose a flexible master’s degree program that gives you a broad range of possibilities before and after graduation! Apply today.