How do you envision an English degree program? A series of vocabulary and grammar lessons with an emphasis on pronunciation?

In reality, an undergraduate English degree is not designed to teach you the English language but rather to complement your understanding of the language with an exploration of the rich culture of English-speaking people. In addition to providing a grasp of and appreciation for English literature from its foundations through to modern literary cinema, an English degree helps you develop important skills that will continue to benefit you throughout your life and career.

If you choose a Bachelor of Arts in English, you’ll develop crucial skills including communication, critical thinking, problem-solving, and teamwork—all vital to your relationships with friends, family members, and coworkers. These so-called “soft skills” are among the key skills today’s employers seek in job candidates, according to the U.S. Department of Labor and Forbes, which means a BA in English can help you and your resume stand out.

Once you’ve secured a position, your English degree can help improve your salary prospects as well. Bachelor’s degree holders generally earn more than those with an associate degree or no degree, and the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reports that bachelor’s degree holders’ median earnings are about 38% higher than associate degree holders and 48% higher than those who have not finished a college degree.

So, what can you do with an English degree? Build highly marketable skills that will enable you to choose from a broader range of careers with greater earning potential and better job security. Sound appealing?

Let’s look at some of the industries, job titles, and prospective educational paths for English degree holders.

Potential Career Paths for English Degree Holders

These are just a few of the diverse professional directions you can take with an English degree:

Field: Communication

Job title: Writer/author

Median annual pay: $69,510

Expected job growth 2020-2030: 9%

Field: Human Resources

Job title: Human resources specialist

Median annual pay: $62,290

Expected job growth 2020-2030: 10%

Field: Education

Job title: High school teacher

Median annual pay: $61,820

Expected job growth 2020-2030: 8%

Advanced Education Paths for English Degree Holders

An English degree program with a carefully constructed curriculum can help prepare you to take the Law School Admission Test (LSAT), which can lead to careers in the legal field. Completing a bachelor’s degree in English will also position you to pursue graduate and post-graduate degrees, which can result in even more job choices, including management and executive roles, in addition to higher income potential. BLS data shows that the higher the degree you earn, the more money you can earn, and the more likely you are to be employed.

Enrich Your Perspective and More Online

The University of Texas Permian Basin’s 100% online Bachelor of Arts in English provides everything you need to prepare for a rewarding future: vital, in-demand career and life skills, an LSAT curriculum, and a stepping-stone to a graduate program, post-graduate program, or whatever your ultimate academic goal may be.

Our program begins with a firm foundation of general education courses spanning topics such as college algebra, music, geology, and biology. Once you complete the program’s general education requirements, you’ll shift your focus to specialized English courses, where you’ll consider the works of pioneering writers such as Samuel Johnson and William Shakespeare, the oeuvre of influential film director Steven Spielberg, as well as related areas of study including rhetoric, composition, and semantics.

Program Benefits That Start on Day One

Having a bachelor’s degree on your resume can provide significant professional advantages. At The University of Texas Permian Basin, however, our online BA in English program starts benefiting students from their very first day of classes:


The flexible asynchronous format of our program enables you to complete coursework on your own schedule from practically any location in the world. No campus visits are required. That’s a tremendous benefit if you’re trying to manage work and/or personal schedules while earning your degree.


As an online UT Permian Basin student, you have access to extensive student services, including academic advising, technical assistance, and wellness services.


Our online BA in English program is led by the same acclaimed faculty who teach the campus-based classes and is built on an identical curriculum.


Our English bachelor’s degree program is an exceptional value. We offer competitive tuition rates that are more affordable than most regionally accredited universities of our stature.

See where an English degree can take you and how UTPB’s online learning option helps clear the path toward achieving your goals. Apply now!