What is a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Technology (BSIT)? A BSIT is an undergraduate degree awarded to students who have completed coursework in industrial technology. This degree prepares students for careers as industrial technologists: professionals who strive to improve productivity, profitability, and safety. Graduates go on to enjoy lucrative, satisfying careers in a variety of industries, including manufacturing, engineering, construction, and healthcare.

The University of Texas Permian Basin’s online BSIT program provides the technical and leadership skills needed to thrive in entry-level and management industrial technology positions. Our program is 100% online and can be completed at your own pace. Let’s take a closer look at UT Permian Basin’s take on the industrial technology degree.

UT Permian Basin’s Online BSIT Program

A BSIT is a prestigious award given to students who have worked diligently to expand their knowledge of engineering and manufacturing processes, but it’s more than that. It’s a declaration that an individual has the drive, knowledge, and experience needed for engineering and management positions, and employers will take notice. This versatile degree can open doors to numerous career opportunities, but students interested in earning a diploma in industrial technology are naturally going to want to know more about their potential major.

Many students ask, “Is an industrial technology an engineering degree?” The short answer is no. Our online BSIT program is offered by the College of Business and is one of a select group of programs in the nation accredited by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB). Industrial technology degrees are, however, incredibly versatile and can lead to an exciting career in engineering if you so desire.

UT Permian Basin’s online program takes 120 credit hours to complete, including 38 credit hours of industrial technology core courses, 37 credit hours of electives, and a 3 credit hour internship. Students in our program are taught:

  • Engineering and manufacturing principles
  • Creativity and problem solving
  • Oral and written communication
  • Management concepts

What is an industrial technology course? Core courses like Engineering Graphics, Computers & Problem Solving, and Principles of Statistics provide the technical skills you’ll need in virtually any industrial technology job. The use of computer-aided drafting (CAD) software is a particularly useful skill we teach. Furthermore, courses like Project Management, Management Concepts and Organizational Theory, and Human Resource Management provide the soft skills you’ll need for leadership roles.

Flexible Coursework

Unlike a traditional four-year degree, you can earn this industrial technology degree on your own time. Many students in our program have established careers they would like to advance within and are looking for a program that can adapt to their work schedule. Rest assured, our program is 100% online and utilizes a flexible 8-week course model. As long as you have a Wi-Fi connection, a seat somewhere cozy, and a warm cup of coffee (or tea!), you can complete our program at your leisure.


Transfer students (students with 24 credit hours or more from regionally accredited colleges or universities) can transfer up to 90 credit hours towards an industrial technology degree. In addition to submitting student records, freshman and transfer students must:

  • Have a 2.0 cumulative grade point average or better.
  • Be in good academic and disciplinary standing with previously attended colleges or universities.

Even if you don’t meet the minimum grade point average required for the program, you can still be conditionally admitted to UT Permian Basin so long as you complete 30 credit hours while keeping at least a 2.0 grade point average. At UT Permian Basin, we believe a low GPA shouldn’t automatically bar you from a first-rate education.

What Can I Do With a Diploma in Industrial Technology?

What you decide to do with your degree will ultimately be up to you, as there are few industries untouched by engineering or manufacturing. Many industrial technologists find lucrative careers in the manufacturing industry, where a talent for improving production processes is often rewarded with a six-figure salary. However, many graduates have gone on to industrial technology careers relating to healthcare, construction, and even government.

Shape Your Own Education

With UT Permian Basin, you can shape your own education and, therefore, your own career path when you choose from elective courses within our industrial technology major. For example, students hoping to pursue a career in petroleum technology can take:

  • Petroleum Fundamentals
  • Petroleum Fluids and Natural Gas Technology
  • Drilling Technology
  • Enhanced Oil Recovery
  • Well Stimulation
  • Petroleum Production Technology
  • Pipeline Technology
  • Wireline, Mud Logging and Core Analysis
  • Petroleum Reservoirs

Students interested in manufacturing can take Manufacturing Technology, a survey of manufacturing processes for metals and polymers. Construction Technology is another specialized course for students who may already have an idea of where they want to land after graduating. Industrial technologists come from all walks of life, and a BSIT can lead to a career path as diverse as their backgrounds, skillsets, and aspirations.

A Bachelor’s Degree Is Within Reach

Many graduates of our online BSIT program started where you are right now—wondering if an undergraduate degree is worth the investment—but that’s exactly what a degree is: an investment in your future. Upon completion of our program, you’ll have a firm grasp on the fundamentals of computer graphics, management concepts, project constraints, and manufacturing and engineering technology. Pursue an industrial technology career with confidence knowing that you have what it takes to compete for and get your dream job.

UT Permian Basin’s 100% online program can be completed on your schedule, at your own pace. Our program is formatted with flexible 8-week courses, and there are six start dates a year for you to choose from. Whether you’ve yet to find a preferred industry or you’re in a position with the potential for advancement, our program is the best way to continue your education while keeping up with your personal and professional responsibilities. 

What is an industrial technology bachelor’s degree? It’s a prestigious degree that proves your knowledge of manufacturing, engineering, and management principles and best practices. It’s a degree that can be earned online and at your leisure. Most importantly, it’s an investment in your future.

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