A BSN, or Bachelor of Science in Nursing, is a respected undergraduate degree that many nurses use as a stepping stone from working as an RN to taking on greater professional responsibilities. Here we’ll discuss the BSN and its benefits in greater detail. But before we go deeper into that specific topic, let’s establish some context with the basics of what a bachelor’s degree is and why you might want to pursue one.

What Is a Bachelor’s Degree?

A bachelor’s degree is designed to give you the foundation for a satisfying, successful career and a more fulfilling life overall. (If you’re interested in knowing the reasons why it’s called a bachelor’s degree, you’ll find that information here.) Bachelor’s degree programs begin with courses in general studies, which may include English composition, literature, history, communication, public speaking, and mathematics, among others. From that well-rounded educational cornerstone, students move on to courses that focus on different aspects of their chosen major.

Most bachelor’s degrees are either a Bachelor of Arts (BA) or a Bachelor of Science (BS). What’s the difference? A BS may be more technically oriented and sometimes puts more focus on a topic by requiring more core courses (as opposed to electives). A Bachelor of Science may have more required math and science courses than a BA, as well as related lab sessions and/or clinical courses.

What a BS in Nursing Can Mean for You

A Bachelor of Science in Nursing, also called an RN to BSN or an RN to BS in Nursing, can transform your career—and your life—in significant and enduring ways. A BSN represents:

  • A tangible way to demonstrate that you are committed to furthering your nursing skills and knowledge.
  • An opportunity to experience greater esteem among supervisors and professional peers.
  • The ability to compete for promotions and new duties with your current employer or to seek a new position with a new employer.
  • A way to prepare for future leadership roles with greater decision-making duties.
  • A respected education credential that can strengthen your resume.
  • An accomplishment that you’ll always be proud of.

The Advantages of Earning an Online RN to BS in Nursing From UT Permian Basin

Experience an RN to BS in Nursing program of exceptional quality and convenience, 100% online. Through a variety of courses on topics including social determinants of health, healthcare research methods, public health systems, and healthcare leadership and policy, The University of Texas Permian Basin’s CCNE-accredited online RN to BS in Nursing enhances your proficiency in providing evidence-based, patient-centered care and meeting the many challenges of treating multicultural patients. Most courses in the general studies portion of our degree program and all of the nursing major courses last just eight weeks. You can complete both your RN to BS in Nursing and also obtain a Nurse Manager Certificate from international nursing honor society Sigma Theta Tau in as little as one year.

Acclaimed Faculty

UT Permian Basin’s online RN to BS in Nursing program features the same accomplished faculty who teach the program on campus and the same robust curriculum. You’ll be led on your journey toward nursing leadership by proven nursing leaders who have moved beyond their RN status and who can help steer you toward greater success. Our program is guided by master’s- or doctorally prepared nurses, including some who have decades of experience working in the nursing field.

Convenient Online Classroom

As nurses, we understand the busy life you’re living, and we want to make sure that earning an RN to BS in Nursing is not only possible but as convenient as possible for you. That’s why we designed our online RN to BS in Nursing program to give you the freedom you need to manage professional and personal responsibilities while you earn your degree. Delivered in an online format, our program allows you to complete all coursework (with the exception of our two clinical courses, conducted at a location convenient to you with a local preceptor of your choice) from just about anywhere in the world and on your own schedule. With that 24/7 flexibility, you won’t have to choose between earning a career-enhancing degree and meeting your ongoing work and family responsibilities.

Flexible Clinical Experience

Any future leader can benefit immeasurably from having a mentor to personally guide them. As a student in our online RN to BS in Nursing program, you’ll work closely with a preceptor, who will help you understand how you can translate the nursing theories you’ve learned into real-life practices in various work settings. You may choose the individual who will act as the preceptor for your two required clinical courses, as long as they have completed their own BSN and are presently employed in a nursing leadership role. As with all the other program courses, our clinical courses do not require any campus visits.

Prepare for an even more rewarding nursing career by earning your online RN to BS in Nursing from UT Permian Basin.