Think back to your first placement as a nursing student. No matter how many hours you spent poring over notes or quizzing yourself with flashcards, it likely wasn’t enough to quell the butterflies in your stomach. Becoming a registered nurse may have felt like a far-off goal as you cared for patients, shadowed shift nurses, and learned the ropes. Yet here you are, preparing to take the next step in your career.

The University of Texas Permian Basin offers an online Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) program for registered nurses who aspire to transition into leadership roles. We’re here to ensure that prospective students know exactly what they’re getting into before enrolling in our undergraduate program, so they can dive into online lectures and group discussions without reliving the nervousness of clinical placements.  

Progress Through Online Courses at Your Own Pace

Time is a precious resource for nurses, especially after a 12-hour shift. Many of our prospective students are responsible for not only their patients but also their family, and finding the time to participate in a college program poses a major concern. Our program allows busy nurses to pursue their BSN without having to sacrifice personal or professional commitments.

Incorporating the latest in online learning best practices, courses can be completed from anywhere with a Wi-Fi connection—your local coffee shop, for example. With the exception of practicum courses, our program is composed of asynchronous elements that will enable you to complete coursework on your schedule. Log on after a shift, or wait for a long weekend before diving into a course module’s readings, assignments, and quizzes. Interactive discussion boards are also available 24 hours a day, meaning that a helping hand and a different perspective are always a click away. 

Learn From Experts Who Came Before You

Online courses like Informatics and Innovation empower nurses to overcome today’s healthcare challenges. Through our program, students gain a deeper understanding of the needs of Spanish-speaking patients, intricacies of organizational culture, and the importance of patient-centered care, among other learning outcomes. Graduates are given the skill set needed to step into leadership positions, where their medical knowledge and poise under pressure will be relied upon by doctors, nurses, and, most importantly, their patients. 

UT Permian Basin’s College of Health Sciences and Human Performance prides itself on being led by experts in the field of nursing and champions of student success, and our BSN program is no different. Each of our faculty members is a master’s- or doctorally prepared nurse, some with decades of experience in the field. Rather than spend time on hypotheticals, you and your fellow students will explore the demands placed on nursing leaders with professionals who’ve lived it. These are the very same professors who teach on campus, and they can be reached via the same communication tools you’ll use to reach your nursing peers. 

Complete Clinical Requirements With Your Preceptor of Choice

Learning under an experienced professional is essential for all aspiring nursing leaders. Mentoring, for example, teaches nursing students how to recognize their own strengths and weaknesses, which may differ from those of their mentors. UT Permian Basin’s RN to BS in Nursing program requires students to complete two clinical courses conducted in person and with a nurse preceptor of their choice.

By working closely with a nursing leader—listening, observing, and problem-solving—you’ll gain experience that will prove vital as you take on additional professional responsibilities. Furthermore, clinical courses offer the chance to apply theoretical knowledge in a real-world setting. Returning to work as a graduate of our program, you’ll have already practiced and perfected the skills you’ll need to transition into leadership roles.

Expect Great Things of Yourself and UT Permian Basin

What can you expect from UT Permian Basin’s RN to BS in Nursing program? A flexible online learning environment, professors eager to pass on their knowledge, and content covering key issues in the nursing field. Above all else, our program prioritizes your development as a nursing leader. In this role, you’ll be expected to manage financial resources, maintain a safe work environment, and promote quality patient care. You may one day have a shadow of your own: an aspiring nurse who, like you, is taking a step in a new direction. When that day comes, we want you to be a leader that staff and patients can look to as a pillar of support. Interested in achieving your full potential? Apply to UT Permian Basin’s online RN to BS in Nursing program. In as little as one year, you can graduate with the knowledge, skills, and credentials expected of a qualified, capable nursing leader.