Political science is the study of government and political systems: how they’re structured, how they operate, and how they interact with one another at different levels. Many formal degree programs in political science delve into both theory and practice to give students the broadest possible understanding of the subject.

A Bachelor of Arts in Political Science can help prepare you to excel in a variety of rewarding and influential careers as well as provide a critical foundation for law school. Let’s examine some of the potential careers that political science majors may pursue after completing their BA in political science and also get a glimpse at the political science pay scale.

Market research analysts collect and assess data on market conditions, consumer buying habits, and competitive companies to predict how a product or service will be received—or is being received—by consumers. They may gather this information through numerous methods, including focus groups, personal interviews, polls/surveys, and internet research. Polling and surveys in particular play a big role in politics, both in determining which candidates voters support as well as which issues are important to them. Based on their conclusions, market research analysts provide marketing recommendations to their client or employer.

Market Research Analyst

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), median pay for market research analysts as of 2019 is $63,790 per year. Further, the BLS reports that the projected growth rate for this position from 2018-2028 is 20%—much faster than the average for most occupations. It’s unquestionably a high-growth field.


Attorneys may represent a variety of client types, from government agencies to corporations to private citizens. They serve many roles, including advising their clients on legal matters, representing them before the courts, executing various types of legal documents, and interpreting the impact of legal rulings and laws on their clients. In government work, they often help develop the language for proposed legislation.

Becoming a political science major is considered a solid foundation for any student who wishes to continue on to law school. Earning a BA in political science helps students develop strong research skills that are required in the legal profession. Attorney is one of the most highly lucrative professions on the political science pay scale, with an estimated median annual salary of $122,960 as of 2019.

Public Relations Specialist

Public relations specialists help build and protect the public reputation of governmental and private sector organizations and, in some cases, individuals. This often means speaking publicly on behalf of these parties, disseminating important information, and mitigating damage to their public image during crises and controversies. The BLS states that public relations specialists earn a median annual wage of $61,150.

Legislative Analyst

Legislative analysts are generally employed by private companies to provide an understanding of how current and proposed laws might impact their businesses. Individuals in this position must stay abreast of laws and regulations at all levels of government: federal, state, and local. To stay close to legislative action and lobbying efforts, some legislative analysts work in Washington, D.C., regardless of where their company is headquartered. The current average salary for legislative analysts is more than $55,000 per year.

Policy Analyst

Policy analysts are often employed by private companies or think tanks to build public awareness of a specific issue. Typically, they have a proposed solution to these issues and hope to generate government action in their favor. Policy analysts may also work for governments, helping create policies and assessing their effectiveness. The current average annual salary for policy analysts is estimated to be more than $59,000.

Social Media Manager

Social media is used to promote all manner of businesses, causes, candidates, and viewpoints. Because of the broad reach of social media outlets including Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram, the medium is highly effective in reaching and potentially influencing a large number of voters. Political science majors gain experience in researching and influencing public opinion. As social media managers, they can strategize and execute highly targeted and effective social media campaigns. Social media managers in the United States make an average of more than $50,000 annually.


Journalists may perform a variety of functions, including covering news stories, writing them, presenting them via broadcast media, and offering related commentary. Their role may be to investigate stories, use a critical eye to discover all relevant facts, and report any findings back to the public in the most objective manner possible. The political expertise political science majors gain will serve them well in conducting interviews and researching and writing stories connected to politics. The BLS states that the mean annual wage for journalists and related professionals is $62,400 per year.

How Do I Get a BA in Political Science?

As an undergraduate degree program, a BA in political science program generally accepts students starting at the freshman level or above, provided they meet the requirements. At The University of Texas Permian Basin, those requirements include submitting transcripts, test scores, and a completed application.

We offer our Bachelor of Arts in Political Science program in a convenient, 100% online format. Courses last eight weeks and there are six program start dates per year. Though the program is delivered entirely online, you’ll remain connected to highly experienced faculty who provide a supportive environment centered on helping you achieve your educational goals.

You can tailor our online BA in political science program to suit specific circumstances. You’ll be able to complete coursework on your own schedule without neglecting your professional and family obligations. If you take the recommended number of courses each semester, you can finish your degree in as little as one year, though you may take more time to accommodate your personal needs.

Explore all the benefits of UT Permian Basin’s online Bachelor of Arts in Political Science today.