Psychologists devote themselves to analyzing the complex relationship between our minds, behaviors, and environments. This study of mental processes provides psychologists with insights into everyday life and, sometimes, revelations on the human condition. They are bearers of knowledge: professionals who share their understanding with others to improve their lives, especially with regard to mental health. The expertise that makes psychologists so valued in clinical and research settings, however, makes them valued across a range of professional fields, one of which is sure to pique your interest. 

Practical in its design, The University of Texas Permian Basin’s online Bachelor of Arts in Psychology program helps students qualify for careers adjacent to the field of psychology or prepare for graduate studies and ultimately careers as psychologists. This versatile degree can open the door to numerous opportunities, which begs the question: What would you do with a BA in psychology?

Choose Your Path

Divided in two—like the left and right cerebral hemispheres of the brain—the field of psychology is comprised of applied and experimental psychology. To practice psychology or conduct research, aspiring professionals must earn an undergraduate degree, and they often continue their educational journey in graduate school.

Applied Psychology

The image of a psychiatrist sitting in an oversized leather chair with a pen and notebook in hand is hard to shake. There are certainly therapists and counselors who work in clinical settings, helping patients organize their thoughts and manage mental health disorders. However, clinical psychology is one of many branches in the field of psychology.

Practitioners of psychology use their expansive knowledge of cognitive, emotional, and social processes to solve problems and promote healthy human development. A forensic psychologist could be an expert witness in a court case; a health psychologist could advise healthcare professionals on the best ways to promote health and wellness; and a sports psychologist could help an athlete regain their focus while recovering from injury. A psychologist’s area of focus really depends on their background and interests.

Experimental Psychology

Experimental psychologists are the minds behind some of the greatest insights into human behavior. The Grant Study, for example, sought to answer life’s ultimate question: What is the secret to a happy, fulfilling life? In one of the longest-running longitudinal studies, 268 undergraduate men from the classes of 1938-1940 were followed for 75 years, having everything from alcohol consumption to family relationships measured. Researchers found that love—love and using coping mechanisms that don’t push it away—is the secret to long-term happiness.

Far from mad scientists, experimental psychologists are highly trained professionals who, by collecting data and conducting research, answer theoretical questions pertaining to a wide range of behavioral topics, including attention, emotion, and memory. Armchair psychologists may have all the answers, but experimental psychologists were the ones to provide them. 

Explore Other Career Options

A BA in psychology, while a must-have for students pursuing a career in the field of psychology, can help graduates secure a rewarding, fulfilling profession in many fields. The National Center for Education Statistics reported that employment rates were higher in 2019 for individuals with higher levels of educational attainment, with 87% of 25- to 34-year-olds employed. By obtaining a BA in psychology, graduates can qualify for a number of careers requiring applicants with undergraduate degrees. Notable careers for psychology graduates include:

  • Caseworker
  • Disability case manager
  • Human resource advisor
  • Preschool teacher
  • Psychiatric technician
  • Psychosocial rehabilitation specialist
  • Public relations representative
  • Research assistant
  • Veterans counselor
  • Victim advocate

Obtain a Sought-After Skill Set

Not only does a BA in psychology qualify graduates for careers requiring a degree, it also empowers graduates with a unique skill set highly sought after by employers. Professionals holding psychology degrees have in-depth knowledge pertaining to human motivation, communication, and perception—the invisible forces that determine the outcome of every meeting and dealing. This acute awareness of people’s thoughts and feelings is an invaluable asset for organizations. In fact, according to Deloitte, “soft skill-intensive occupations will account for two-thirds of all jobs by 2030.”

Throughout UT Permian Basin’s online psychology program, students develop empathy and emotional intelligence. Our online course Social Psychology, for example, explores the interrelationships between individuals and their social environment. Industrial and Organizational Psychology looks at employee motivation and satisfaction, while Positive Psychology focuses on areas of personal growth among individuals, including love, optimism, and self-efficacy. Students in our online program have the added benefit of collaborating with their professors and fellow students on online discussion boards. These discussions offer the chance for students to apply what they’ve learned in a supportive online environment—a preview of the social situations psychology graduates must adeptly navigate in the workplace.

Study the Mind at UT Permian Basin

Have you chosen your psychology career path? Don’t be discouraged if you haven’t. There are numerous opportunities in and adjacent to the field of psychology that can provide you with a rewarding career. However, no matter where your career takes you, no matter whom you assist with your expertise, the first step on your career path will be to earn a BA in psychology.

UT Permian Basin’s online psychology program will empower you with a broad understanding of mental processes and human behavior, emphasizing written communication and research skills that can assist you in psychology-related professions and beyond. Entirely online, our program can be completed at your convenience and from anywhere with a Wi-Fi connection. Upon graduating, you’ll earn the same prestigious degree awarded to graduates of our on-campus program.

Interested in studying how the human mind works? Apply now to our online BA in psychology program and deepen your understanding of this scientific discipline.