Psychology is far more than the study of the mind. As a social science, it’s the study of people, their behaviors, and their relationships with each other. Earning a bachelor’s degree in psychology means gaining insight into the mental processes that shape not only your own experiences but the world around you. If you’re interested in entering an exciting field that rewards curiosity and compassion with high-paying careers, enroll in our online program and earn a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology.

The University of Texas Permian Basin offers an online BA in psychology program that is both flexible, accommodating students’ schedules and needs, and comprehensive, providing a detailed study of psychology. We’ve come a long way since Wilhelm Wundt, the father of psychology, founded the first experimental psychology lab in 1879, and students deserve academic programs that can keep up with modern times. At UT Permian Basin, that’s exactly what we offer.

How Is UTPB’s Online Program Organized?

Psychology may be the study of the mind, but that doesn’t mean you have to do mental gymnastics to fit lessons into your schedule. UT Permian Basin’s BA in psychology program is flexible, affordable, and 100% online. You can study psychology from anywhere with a Wi-Fi connection. Imagine learning about psychology and its many applications from the comfort of your own home.

Our program is presented in an eight-week course model with six start dates a year, meaning you can earn a bachelor’s degree in psychology without having to block out months of your time or sacrifice your personal and professional commitments. At UT Permian Basin, you can continue working while working toward a psychology degree.

Core Courses in Psychology

In order to earn a BA in psychology, students at UT Permian Basin must complete 120 credit hours comprised of 42 hours of general education courses, 36 hours of core courses in psychology, 24 hours of electives, and 18 hours of minor courses. Students can choose the minor that interests them most and create a customized learning experience. All core courses are worth 3 credit hours and delve into engaging topics such as Social Psychology, Abnormal Psychology, and Lifespan Psychology. Students can expect to explore:

  • The social influences that affect motivation, perception, and behavior.
  • The application of statistical methods to behavioral sciences research.
  • The development, maintenance, and treatment of behavioral disorders.
  • The psychological processes that affect people across their lifespan.

When enrolled in our online program, you’ll receive a first-rate education from the same faculty members who teach students on campus. Your online learning experience will be further enriched by your virtual classmates, who have also devoted themselves to the study of the human mind. Engage with like-minded peers who are invested in not only their own success but yours as well.

Learn About the World’s Most Influential Psychological Experiments

As a psychology major, you’ll be following in the footsteps of some of the world’s greatest intellectual pioneers and learning about the most famous psychological experiments to ever be conducted. One example of these is the Asch conformity experiments. Solomon E. Asch set out to discover if, when presented with a problem with an obvious answer, a participant would conform with their incorrect peers. In what is now a classic social experiment, unsuspecting participants were placed in a room with several “confederates” and asked to compare the length of drawn lines. Answers were shared out loud, and the confederates always gave the incorrect answer. Although the answer was obvious, about one-third of participants conformed with the confederates after hearing their responses.

In our online program, you’ll learn that while psychological experiments like this one were first conducted decades ago, they still hold profound implications for today’s society. You’ll even be able to conduct your own research in our capstone course while being supervised by a psychology faculty member. If you dream of one day publishing your own research paper, our program offers real-world experience.

Tuition and Admissions

Our online BA in psychology program is affordable, with tuition costing less than $400 per credit hour. We offer flexible payment options, and financial aid is available for qualifying students. All first-year and transfer students wishing to apply to our online program can mail their high school and college transcripts to the Admissions Office. A minimum 2.0 grade point average is an admission requirement; however, students may be conditionally admitted as long as they maintain a 2.0 cumulative grade point average or better for the first 30 hours of coursework taken at UT Permian Basin. At UT Permian Basin, we don’t think anything should come between students and a first-rate education.

Once You’ve Graduated

A BA in psychology is an incredibly versatile degree that can lead to success in a number of exciting fields, including healthcare, education, business, and social work. Although a bachelor’s degree alone can lead to a rewarding career, many students enrolled in our program do so with the intention of pursuing a doctoral degree and becoming clinical, counseling, research, school, or industrial-organizational psychologists. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, psychologists made an average annual salary of $80,370 in 2019, with some earning well over six figures. If you’re interested in helping individuals overcome psychological, emotional, and behavioral challenges, a BA in psychology can be the next stepping-stone in your career path.

At UT Permian Basin, our BA in psychology program is flexible, affordable, and 100% online. Our courses cover some of the most important psychological experiments of all time, including those that shed light on the mental processes that shape the human experience. Upon graduation, our program can lead to a lucrative career in a field filled with like-minded innovators. If you’re ready to explore the burgeoning field of one of the world’s youngest sciences, enroll in UT Permian Basin’s online BA in psychology program.

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