If you haven’t yet begun a career, or are still in the early stages of one, it’s imperative to keep an eye on the horizon for changes and new skills that can turn emerging challenges into opportunities. Often, changes in the working world are connected to technological innovations, e.g., the expanding use of AI across job sectors. Sometimes, the need for new skills accompanies a demographic shift. Here we’ll discuss the United States’ growing population of Spanish speakers and how you can capitalize on this shift professionally with the necessary skills and credentials.  

¿Hablas Español? You Probably Should 

The United States Census Bureau reports that Spanish is currently spoken in American homes by nearly 42 million people. Some estimates show that one third of Americans will speak Spanish by 2050. What will your career look like at that time? Do you possess the skills to remain competitive and employed in an evolving linguistic landscape? Your high school Spanish background might help you, but is it enough?  

5 Career Benefits of Mastering the Spanish Language 

Let’s review a few of the professional advantages you may enjoy upon mastering the Spanish language: 

  1. Increased Likelihood of Landing That New Job 

If you’re fluent in Spanish, you can edge out other job candidates when applying to companies and government entities that prefer employees who are bilingual or who speak Spanish specifically.  

  1. Higher Income Potential 

Bilingual employees in the median pay range earn about $8,738 more per year, according to glassdoor.com

  1. A Diverse Selection of Career Fields 

Language mastery positions you to work in a variety of fields and roles: 

      • Bilingual education  
      • Content development  
      • Diplomacy 
      • Government 
      • International business 
      • Interpreting services 
      • Translation  
      • Writing/editing 

  1. Greater Employability on at Least Four Continents 

The statistics for Spanish speakers we discussed above are specific to the United States, but there are 20 countries for which Spanish is the official language. If you plan to seek job opportunities outside the U.S., being fluent in a language spoken by half a billion people on our planet can only help. 

  1. Effortless Interactions 

Equipped with Spanish proficiency, you’ll be able to interact smoothly with a larger number of colleagues, clients, and customers. This benefit can also translate to your personal life and everyday interactions outside the workplace. 

Online Programs That Help You Speak the Language of Broader Career Potential 

The University of Texas Permian Basin—named among Newsweek’s “America’s Top Online Colleges 2023”—offers online degree and certificate programs that can put speaking Spanish among your strongest professional skills: 

Online Master of Arts in Spanish (30 credits) 

Build your fluency in both the Spanish language and Spanish culture in a graduate degree program that does not require GRE scores or a thesis. Data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics shows master’s degree holders have about 18% higher median earnings and higher employment rates than those with a bachelor’s degree alone.  

View courses now. 

Online Graduate Certificate in Spanish (12 credits) 

If you’re not looking for a master’s degree program right now but want to bolster your understanding of Spanish and related cultures, this program was designed for you. Complete our Spanish graduate certificate and add a graduate credential to your resume in as little as three semesters. 

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Online Undergraduate Certificate in Spanish for First Responders (9 credits) 

As a paramedic or EMT, your ability to speak Spanish can literally make the difference between life and death for someone experiencing a health crisis. Make sure you have this critical skill! Learn medical terminology and participate in simulated interactions with patients while you complete this program in as little as two semesters. 

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UTPB also offers the only online Bachelor of Arts in Spanish program in the UT System!

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Your World Is Our Classroom 

Regardless of which UTPB Spanish program you choose, you can complete your studies online from practically any location worldwide—no campus visits are required. You don’t have to live in Texas or the United States—or even be a U.S. citizen. Our flexible asynchronous learning format enables you to continue meeting professional and personal commitments while you earn a respected education credential at your own pace!  

Empower yourself with career-transforming Spanish fluency. Contact us today for program information.