Considering earning a Master of Arts in Spanish? If so, you may be curious about where that degree can take you. Staying competitive, maximizing your salary, and securing access to a wide variety of professional options are priorities shared by many prospective graduate students, and an MA in Spanish can help you accomplish these goals and more.

A Foundation for Your Future

Completing a graduate degree is a considerable accomplishment, and you can look forward to the feeling of pride that your achievement and the new credentials, skills, and esteem that come with it will bring. But once you’ve got your degree in hand, what’s next?

What you do with a degree is and has always been up to you. To get the greatest value out of your educational investment, you should take advantage of the many benefits, professional and personal, that come with earning a graduate degree and specifically a master’s degree in Spanish. Here’s what that crucial credential can empower you to do:

Make More Money

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) states that as of 2020, professionals who hold a master’s degree generally earn about 20% more than those whose highest educational achievement is a bachelor’s degree.

Enjoy Greater Career Stability

BLS data also shows a direct link between having a graduate degree and staying employed, with graduate degree holders having the “lowest unemployment rates” among all workers.

Choose From Many Career Paths and Fields

An MA in Spanish can lead to jobs in:

  • Education—This includes Spanish-language teachers as well as educators who teach other subjects in Spanish.
  • Government—Government agencies from the local to federal level will need an increasing number of Spanish-speaking employees.
  • Diplomatic Affairs—It’s important to understand other cultures and languages if you work in an embassy or in other diplomatic roles.
  • Translation and Interpreting Services—These services are needed in a range of careers from government to publishing.
  • Hospitality and Travel—Whether you’re running a hotel or working in a travel agency, this degree will be beneficial to you.
  • Writing and Content Development—Spanish-language media relies on knowledgeable individuals to create and publish content.

Stay Ahead of the Curve

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, there are currently 60.5 million Hispanic people in the United States, accounting for more than 18% of the country’s population. Further, by 2050, the number of Spanish speakers in the country is expected to reach 132.8 million, a sum which exceeds the number of Spanish speakers in Mexico. The U.S. already has more Spanish speakers than Spain, which has a population of about 47 million. Considering these statistics, Spanish may become the most important language and culture you can be proficient in, apart from English.

The increasing number of Spanish speakers in the United States indicates a growing need for bilingual individuals to serve them in a variety of professional capacities. Outside of the professional world, people need to converse with one another in many contexts, whether getting into an elevator or going to a doctor’s appointment. With a master’s degree in Spanish, you’ll be prepared to successfully navigate professional and social settings as the demographics of the United States continue to evolve.

Work in Many Locations Around the Globe

There are more than 20 countries and territories outside the continental United States where Spanish is the primary language spoken. There are different dialects and cultural norms, of course, but they share many commonalities. Your Master of Arts in Spanish prepares you to live and work in one of those areas, should your career, your family, ambitions, or other factors lead you there in the future.

Be More Competitive at the Doctoral Level

Should you decide to pursue a PhD at a later date, you’ll be prepared to thrive in programs including Hispanic studies, Spanish linguistics, and Spanish literature.

Earn Your Master of Arts in Spanish 100% Online

The University of Texas Permian Basin offers a 100% online master’s degree in Spanish that helps you build your proficiency not only in the language, but in diverse aspects of Spanish culture, literature, language-teaching methodology, and linguistics. This online program’s curriculum is identical to UT Permian Basin’s on-campus program, and it’s taught by the same acclaimed faculty who teach on campus. You’ll get the quality education you expect and deserve from UT Permian Basin, with the added convenience of an online format. And there are other advantages:

  • No GRE
  • No thesis
  • Affordable tuition
  • Financial aid options

If you’ve previously earned a bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution and meet the other admission requirements, you can apply to become part of this rewarding graduate program!            

Convenient Online Learning

Most individuals can’t simply put their life on hold to earn a master’s degree—and we don’t expect you to. When you choose UT Permian Basin’s online MA in Spanish program, you’ll quickly discover how successfully our asynchronous, 100% online format serves students who have jobs and families. Complete coursework on your own schedule from practically anywhere on the planet. You can continue to meet your professional and personal commitments while earning a career-transforming graduate degree!

Broaden your professional horizons with an online Master of Arts in Spanish from UT Permian Basin!