Keep Your Organization On Message

Every organization, for-profit business or nonprofit, wants to promote something. Whether that’s a product, service, or a cause, it’s imperative that a company’s messaging is crafted clearly, effectively, and with its target audience in mind. Even more importantly, when something goes wrong, an organization must control its message to regain trust and minimize damage to its reputation and goals. Strategic messaging—knowing the right message for the right audience at the right time—is an art form. To excel in it, most professionals require a college education focused on the discipline.

UT Permian Basin offers an online Bachelor of Arts in Communication with a Strategic Messaging track taught by doctoral-level professors with extensive field experience. During your program, you’ll learn the most effective ways to promote an organization’s products, services, and/or mission to the public. Our program emphasizes crisis communication while also exploring advertising strategies, branding, corporate messaging, government relations, and investor relations. Equipped with this expertise and the vital soft skills you’ll develop through our program, you’ll be poised to take on any of these rewarding roles within an organization:

  • Advertising professional
  • Marketing professional
  • Public relations professional
  • Social media manager
  • Crisis management specialist

Why Earn Your BA in Communication With Strategic Messaging Track Online?

Presented in an asynchronous online format, our BA in communication program enables you to complete coursework at your own pace, any time of day, from practically any location that’s convenient for you—from Melbourne, Florida to Melbourne, Australia. Earning a career-enhancing university degree shouldn’t require taking valuable time away from your professional and personal obligations. Apply now to set your own schedule and complete your degree at your pace with a Bachelor of Arts in Communication with Strategic Messaging track from UT Permian Basin.