HIST2321 World Civilizations to 1500

Course Description

A survey of the world's major civilizations and of their mutual influences through 1500.

This class surveys major civilizations of the world from the beginning of time to the year 1500 and emphasizes interactions among them and their influences on each other. Students in this course will develop an ability to make sense of the past by reconstructing causal patterns, identifying trends, and making informed comparisons between different historical cases as well as to grasp the influence of varied and complex historical factors on the lives of individuals in societies. Students will also develop competency in critical thinking, the ability to evaluate a position of an argument, and competency in written communication. 

Course Credits: 3

Prerequisites: None

Student Learning Outcomes

The underlying goal of the course is an understanding of the historical significance of the events, places and people introduced in the course and understand how civilizations developed and shaped the world as we know it today:

  • Demonstrate knowledge of important historical events and people in the Ancient Western, Eastern, African, American, and Medieval periods of world history.
  • Locate and retrieve historical data relevant to the peoples, events, movements, and institutions covered in the course material
  • Comprehend a primary source document created within the culture/time span of the course
  • Think critically, collect evidence (statistics, examples, testimony) and make decisions based on the evidence, comprehend and analyze texts, and solve problems using methods of critical and scientific inquiry;
  • Communicate effectively using standard written English; Use computer technology to access, retrieve, process, and communicate information;
  • Apply global perspectives and ideas by utilizing an interdisciplinary approach;
  • Examine and identify cultural, ethnic, and gender diversity; and
  • Appraise the quality, value, and significance of cultural artifacts in their historical context.

History courses are by nature reading and writing intensive and 2321 is no exception. Students will learn to interpret and analyze information. The goals of exams and other assignments are the acquisition of information and the development of writing and analytical skills.