PLSC4354 Presidential Politics

Course Description

An examination of the presidency in the U.S. political system. Topics include presidential elections, public politics, institutional structures and processes, and policymaking roles.

Course Credits: 3

PrerequisitesThere are no course prerequisites although it is important to have completed basic American National Politics (PLSC 2305) or its equivalent.

Student Learning Outcomes

By the end of this module the student will be able to:

  • Examine the development of presidential power (Assignment 1, Test 1)
  • Describe the presidential election process and analyze the factors that affect voting in presidential elections (Test 1)
  • Examine presidential character and its relationship with presidential performance (Discussion 2, Test 2)
  • Describe presidential relationships with Congress, the bureaucracy, and the federal courts (Assignment 3, Discussion 3, Test 3)
  • Analyze presidential ability to influence domestic, economic, and national security policy (Assignment 4, Test 4)
  • Examine the opportunities and challenges faced by past presidents and our next president (Discussion 4, Test 4)