PLSC4357 American West

Course Description

An examination of the interplay among politics history and myths of the American west.

This course is designed as a survey of the public policies and politics of that region of the United States known as the “American West.” In the first section, we will examine basic concepts and components of the public policymaking process. This section of the course (i.e., the public policy section) is designed to provide a contextual setting for the remainder of the course (i.e., the politics section), where we will examine some of the most important current-day political issues in the West: the role of the federal government in the region, water, the use and abuse of public lands, and energy and mining. The primary goal for the course is for students to understand the interplay among history, myth, and politics in the American West. 

Course Credits: 3

Student Learning Outcomes

  • Explain how public policies are identified and specified.
  • Identify the various actors in the policymaking process.
  • Identify and explain the forces, pressures, and constraints that play on policymakers
  • Evaluate how policy concerning the American West is developed and implemented