PSYC3321 Introduction to Psychopathology

Course Description

Variables involved in the development maintenance and treatment of a variety of behavior disorders.

This course will give an overview of abnormal behavior, including diagnosis, treatment, history, methodology related to abnormal behavior and social issues.

Course Credits: 3

Prerequisites: PSYC1301

Student Learning Outcomes

  • Discuss the classification of psychological disorders.
  • Compare and contrast definitions of abnormal behavior, considering historical and cultural context.
  • Analyze various contributing factors to abnormality.
  • Outline the history of the study of abnormal behavior.
  • Evaluate symptomology, etiology, and treatment of major classes of psychological disorders, including anxiety, obsessive-compulsive and related disorders, disorders of trauma and stress, depressive and bipolar disorders, disorders featuring somatic symptoms, eating disorders, personality disorders, substance use and addictive disorders, disorders of sex and gender, schizophrenia, disorders among children and adolescents, and disorders of aging and cognition.
  • Outline the most important aspects of clinical assessment.
  • Compare biological and psychological treatments.