PSYC3344 Lifespan Psychology

Course Description

The course is designed to give an overview of developmental processes throughout the life-span. It will not be able to cover many of the developmental topics in much detail. Those students who have already taken a child/adolescent class or an adulthood and aging psychology class are advised to take a different developmental class such as language acquisition or exceptional child because there will be quite a bit of overlap in this life-span course with the child/adolescent and adulthood courses. Students such as pre-nursing students, required to take a life-span course, may have to take this course anyway because of degree requirements.

Course Credits: 3

Prerequisites: PSYC1301

Student Learning Outcomes

  • Analyze the various processes within development.
  • Identify major milestones and indicators at each stage of development.
  • Apply theories of development to personal life and clinical cases.
  • Describe major theories of cognitive and social development.