PSYC3350 Positive Psychology

Course Description

This course will focus on psychological strengths and areas of personal growth among individuals such as love optimism and self-efficacy.

Course Description: Positive psychology is a 3 credit course that fulfills requirements for both a major or a minor in psychology. It is also a very good elective for students studying any other discipline as it examines how people succeed in life which is applicable to the scientific world, the business world and the world of the individual.Positive Psychology examines human behavior that allows for success in life, that empowers performance and that demonstrates resilience in the face of the adversities of life. Its view is different from the view psychology has had of problem behavior and how to change it. Rather, it seeks to find out what makes individuals flourish under both positive and negative circumstances.

Course Credits: 3

Prerequisites: PSYC1301

Student Learning Outcomes

  • Critically examine the goals of the new movement of positive psychology and compare them to what is thought of as "psychology as usual".
  • Differentiate Eastern and Western cultural views and how they impact research in positive psychology.
  • Differentiate between collectivism and individualism among and within cultures.
  • Differentiate the idea of culture free and culture embedded research.
  • Appraise the personal signature strengths as seen in taking the Values in Action assessment.
  • Distinguish what maturation issues impact the development of resilience, optimism and hope in a person's life.
  • Examine the role emotions play in the search for authentic happiness.
  • Analyze how wisdom develops and the three kinds of courage that are seen in individuals.
  • Examine and compare prevention programs that enhance positive strengths and increase life satisfaction.
  • Evaluate the role positive institutions such as family, schools and the workplace play is both individual strengths and collective well-being.