PSYC4393 Senior Seminar

Course Description

For psychology majors only. A capstone course to demonstrate application of research and APA writing skills. Students perform individually designed research under supervision of a Psychology faculty member. If not finished in one semester the student may re-enroll one more semester with the permission of the supervising faculty. Course is not offered in the summer; students must complete course requirements in either the Fall or Spring semesters.

Course Credits: 3

Prerequisites: PSYC1301, PSYC3301, PSYC3304, PSYC3104

Student Learning Outcomes

  • Analyze and evaluate controversial issues in experimental psychology
  • Integrate and synthesize research in an area of psychology
  • Chose and defend one side of a controversial debate issue
  • Evaluate other students’ defense of one side of a controversial debate issue
  • Demonstrate critical analysis of empirical research
  • Demonstrate mastery of information systems by selecting appropriate and scholarly articles for your review
  • Identify gaps between psychological science and the media’s portrayal of psychology
  • Write a literature review