SOCI4399 Senior Research Seminar

Course Description

A scientific research study under the supervision of a member of the sociology faculty. The integration of theory and research is emphasized through basic or applied social research. Course required for: Sociology Majors. “Cap Stone” course. Not appropriate for Sociology minors.

Course Credits: 3

PrerequisitesStudents in this class must have completed SOCI 3317 and SOCI 4403 and have a senior standing in Sociology.

Student Learning Outcomes

By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  1. To be able to conduct social research
  2. To recognize how sociologists define the concept of different social issues and identify the role ideology plays in society.
  3. To analyze the effects of historical, social, political, economic, cultural, and global forces on the creation and perpetuation of society in general and different issues in particular.
  4. To define the differences between the two macro-sociological paradigms, structuralfunctionalist and social-conflict.
  5. To recognize the role of multiculturalism and diversity in the U.S. and globally.