COMM 4351 Health Communications

Course Description

Surveys theory research and current issues in the field of health communication. Topics of discussion include communication between patients and providers cultural and rhetorical concepts of illness and health; media messages and health campaigns; and communication in health care organizations.

Course Credits: 3

Student Learning Outcomes

  • Identify the stakeholders in specific health care situations, along with their needs and values.
  • Compare and contrast definitions of illness, health, and health care in various cultural models.
  • Discuss ethical concerns in the practice of health communication, particularly with respect to power differences between communicators.
  • Explain how the context of health communication affects interpersonal interaction among stakeholders.
  • Determine appropriate research methods to use in basic and applied health communication studies.
  • Evaluate a health promotion campaign for its rhetorical effectiveness and ethicality.
  • Apply one or more theories of communication, sociology, psychology, or related discipline to an analysis of a current issue in health care.
  • Describe how the structure and communication patterns of health care organizations affect care providers, patients, and other stakeholders.