FINA4323 Financial Markets and Institutions

Course Description

This course is a comprehensive survey of institutions and instruments of modern financial markets. Topics include depository institutions, non-depository financial intermediaries, investment banking, underwriting and issuance of securities, brokerage services, government and corporate debt, determinants of interest rates, mortgage-backed securities and other types of securitized assets.

Class sessions will consist of lectures, discussions, reviews, and analysis of topical/current situation relating to financial markets (existing and evolving), the institutions that operate in these financial markets, the instruments (traditional as well as exotic) used by various market participants, and the interaction of all three of these areas, especially in the United States. International developments will also be covered, as appropriate. Students will be specifically informed of any changes to this syllabus, made at the Instructor's discretion, for tractability and other reasons.

Course Credits: 3

Prerequisites: BUSI 2342.

Student Learning Outcomes

Students should be able to understand and appreciate the fundamentals of securities markets, types of financial institutions in those markets, and the types of securities created and traded in those markets. At the very least, the course will be a survey of institutions and instruments of modern financial markets; additionally, throughout the semester, current events and topical developments, especially related to the course, will be analyzed in the light of textbook materials.