BLAW4336 Healthcare Law

Course Description

A survey of the major laws and regulations impacting health services organization and providers.

Course Credits: 3

Prerequisites: PLSC 2305

Student Learning Outcomes

  • CO1: Compare the roles of state and federal government with respect to healthcare law (Module I)
  • CO2: Describe courts and legal procedure involving healthcare (Module II)
  • CO3: Analyze elements of contractual relationships (Module III)
  • CO4: Discuss torts, personal injury and conflict resolution (Module IV)
  • CO5: Discuss criminal law and health care (Module V).
  • CO6: Discuss regulation of healthcare professions (Module VI)
  • CO7: Discuss healthcare organizations (Module VII)
  • CO8: Discuss the rights of patients (Module VIII)
  • CO9: Compare different forms of employment relationships (Module IX)