MRKT3307 Sales Management

Course Description

Planning, organizing, directing and controlling the promotion function as it relates to the marketing mix; also, stress is placed upon professional selling techniques.

Sales management is a part of the Marketing / Promotions, and is a skill based course about selling and sales administration. 

  1. This course intends to provide students with a comprehensive coverage of contemporary sales management and professional selling in an interesting and challenging manner.
  2. The most recent sales research and leading personal selling practices are integrated in an effective and organized in a logical sequence from the perspective of a professional salesperson.
  3. The course will be taught in part using an experiential learning approach. If you have a problem with making mock and real sales presentations outside of class time, you may like to discuss with the instructor. As a part of the class projects, you will be expected to some presentation outside of class time.

Course Credits: 3

PrerequisitesENGL 1301; COSC 1335 or equivalent

Student Learning Outcomes

  1. Identify the contributions of personal and professional selling to society, business firms, and customers.
  2. Identify and distinguish between transaction-focused traditional selling and trust-based relationship selling.
  3. Identify and recall the sales process as a series of interrelated steps and the importance of sales ethics
  4. Identify and recall primary types of buyers and discuss their distinguishing characteristics