BIOL1108 Biology for Non Science Majors Laboratory

Course Description

The laboratory will provide practical and interactive experiments and demonstrations of concepts covered in BIOL 1308. Biology majors and minors cannot substitute BIOL 1108 for either BIOL 1106 or 1107. BIOL 1108 cannot be used as a prerequisite for any upper level biology course. Corequisite BIOL 1308.

Course Credits: 1

Prerequisites: There are not prerequisites for this course. This class is taken with 1308.

Student Learning Outcomes

  1. Utilize the scientific method.
  2. Utilize laboratory equipment.
  3. Determine the movement of particles through membranes.
  4. Describe how cells obtain energy.
  5. Describe the transfer of genetic material between generations.
  6. Develop a basic understanding of important biological similarities and differences between different plants and animals.
  7. Develop a basic understanding of ecology, ecosystems, and human influences that contribute to, and detract from, conservation of natural resources.
  8. Demonstrate communication, empirical, and quantitative skills in written presentation of experiments, data presentation in tables and graphs, and results explanation.
  9. Collaborate with a group to collect data and form an analytical report.