COMM1115 Communication Lab

Course Description

Practical activities across the sub-disciplines of the field of communication. This course is a general education requirement for all UTPB students.

Purpose: The field of communication is composed of sub-fields which explore a different aspect of how humans develop and exchange messages with one another. This lab course is designed to engage you in practical activities to help you better understand each of those fields. Activities will primarily be completed during the assigned meeting time for the lab.

Course Credits: 1

Prerequisites: None

Student Learning Outcomes

  • Critical Thinking: In creating your speeches, you will conduct significant inquiry and analysis into your selected topic. This will include research designed to support your argument and to answer reasonable objections you are likely to encounter.
  • Communication Skills: You will present speeches to an audience. This will also involve written communication through development of an outline and visual communication through consideration of appropriate visual aids.
  • Teamwork: Your assigned readings will include material on small group communication, and you will make a presentation as a group.
  • Personal Responsibility: You will discuss the various forms of plagiarism. In addition, you will discuss the ethical responsibilities of a rhetor in not manipulating an audience.