ITEC3307 Project Management

Course Description

An overview of the concepts and techniques for managing projects. Topics include, but are not limited to, planning, scheduling, scope definition, work breakdown structure, scheduling, cost-estimating, and risk assessment.
Purpose: This course provides a basic understanding of project management concepts from the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) that can be applied to project management across all industries.

Course Credits: 3

PrerequisitesThere are not prerequisites for this course

Student Learning Outcomes

By the end of this course, you should be able to:

  • LO1:Identify Project Attributes
  • LO2:Explain Balancing Project Constraints
  • LO3:Explain the Project Life Cycle
  • LO4:Explain the Project Management Process
  • LO5:Explain Stakeholder Engagement
  • LO6:Describe Project Identification processes
  • LO7:Describe the Project Selection process
  • LO8:Explain the Project Charter
  • LO9:Identify the components of a Request for Proposal
  • LO10:Explain Relationships with Customers and Partners
  • LO11:Discuss Proposal Development
  • LO12:Identify the steps in proposal preparation
  • LO13:Identify contract types
  • LO14:Establish Project Objectives
  • LO15:Define Project Scope
  • LO16:Create a Work Breakdown Structure
  • LO17:Define and Sequence Activities
  • LO18:Discuss the use of project management information systems
  • LO19:Estimate Activity Resources
  • LO20:Estimate Activity Durations
  • LO21:Establish Project Start and Completion Times
  • LO22:Develop Project Schedule
  • LO23:Explain Resource-Constrained Planning
  • LO24:Explain Resource Requirements Plan 
  • LO25:Explain Resource Leveling
  • LO26:Explain Resource-Limited Scheduling
  • LO27:Estimate Activity Costs
  • LO28:Determine Project Budget
  • LO29:Determine Actual Cost
  • LO30:Explain Earned Value Management
  • LO31:Analyze Cost Performance
  • LO32:Estimate Cost at Completion
  • LO33:Identify Risks
  • LO34:Assess Risks
  • LO35:Plan Risk Responses
  • LO36:Explain Risks Control procedure
  • LO37:Explain Postproject evaluation
  • LO38:Identify project manager skills
  • LO39:Identify the degrees of delegation
  • LO40:Explain the stages of team development 
  • LO41:Identify the characteristics of effective teams
  • LO42:Identify barriers to team effectiveness
  • LO43:Identify sources of conflict
  • LO44:Explain the nine-step approach to problem solving
  • LO45:Identify barriers to effective listening
  • LO46:Explain how to control changes to project documents
  • LO47:Identify collaborative tools used to enhance communication on projects
  • LO48:Identify and describe the three main types of organizational structures