ITEC3307 Project Management

Course Description

An overview of the concepts and techniques for managing projects. Topics include, but are not limited to, planning, scheduling, scope definition, work breakdown structure, cost-estimating, and risk assessment.
Purpose: This course provides a basic understanding of project management concepts from the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) that can be applied to project management across all industries.

Course Credits: 3

PrerequisitesThere are not prerequisites for this course

Student Learning Outcomes

By the end of this course, you should be able to:

  • LO1:Identify Project Attributes
  • LO2:Explain Balancing Project Constraints
  • LO3:Explain the Project Life Cycle
  • LO4:Explain the Project Management Process
  • LO5:Explain Stakeholder Engagement
  • LO6:Describe Project Identification processes
  • LO7:Describe the Project Selection process
  • LO8:Explain the Project Charter
  • LO9:Identify the components of a Request for Proposal
  • LO10:Explain Relationships with Customers and Partners
  • LO11:Discuss Proposal Development
  • LO12:Identify the steps in proposal preparation
  • LO13:Identify contract types
  • LO14:Establish Project Objectives
  • LO15:Define Project Scope
  • LO16:Create a Work Breakdown Structure
  • LO17:Define and Sequence Activities
  • LO18:Discuss the use of project management information systems
  • LO19:Estimate Activity Resources
  • LO20:Estimate Activity Durations
  • LO21:Establish Project Start and Completion Times
  • LO22:Develop Project Schedule
  • LO23:Explain Resource-Constrained Planning
  • LO24:Explain Resource Requirements Plan 
  • LO25:Explain Resource Leveling
  • LO26:Explain Resource-Limited Scheduling
  • LO27:Estimate Activity Costs
  • LO28:Determine Project Budget
  • LO29:Determine Actual Cost
  • LO30:Explain Earned Value Management
  • LO31:Analyze Cost Performance
  • LO32:Estimate Cost at Completion
  • LO33:Identify Risks
  • LO34:Assess Risks
  • LO35:Plan Risk Responses
  • LO36:Explain Risks Control procedure
  • LO37:Explain Postproject evaluation
  • LO38:Identify project manager skills
  • LO39:Identify the degrees of delegation
  • LO40:Explain the stages of team development 
  • LO41:Identify the characteristics of effective teams
  • LO42:Identify barriers to team effectiveness
  • LO43:Identify sources of conflict
  • LO44:Explain the nine-step approach to problem solving
  • LO45:Identify barriers to effective listening
  • LO46:Explain how to control changes to project documents
  • LO47:Identify collaborative tools used to enhance communication on projects
  • LO48:Identify and describe the three main types of organizational structures