MATH1324 Applications of Discrete Mathematics

Course Description

Mathematics for modeling in the social and behavioral sciences. Topics include algebra linear equations in two variables and exponential and logarithmic functions. Other topics are chosen by the instructor. Course emphasizes application to social science and economics.

Course Credits: 3

Student Learning Outcomes

  • Add, subtract, multiply, and reduce polynomials and rational functions.
  • Simplify problems with exponents and radicals.
  • Solve linear and quadratic equations.
  • Sketch the graph of a linear function.
  • Sketch the graph of a quadratic function.
  • Exploit a model using exponential functions.
  • Solve exponential equations using logarithms.
  • Resolve an applied problem in basic finance; that is, to recognize and perform the relevant computation for a real-world situation. (This includes spectrum of applications, from simple interest through mortgages.)
  • Solve two simultaneous equations in two variable.