MUSI1301 Jazz, Pop & Rock

Course Description

Historical introduction to jazz and the American popular song including rock and roll.

Course Credits: 3

Prerequisites: MUSI1306, MUSI1311

Student Learning Outcomes

  • Apply critical thinking and reflection to listening assignments of various styles.
  • Display the ability to research and write a persuasive paper expanding on a jazz or blues topic/musician discussed during the course.
  • Compare and contrast masterpieces in the genres of jazz, pop, and rock.
  • Examine how music is an expression of individual and human values within a historical and social context.
  • Critically respond to pieces of jazz, pop, and rock using the elements of music.
  • Reflect on the life challenges of a selected early pop artist and hypothesize the obstacles that they overcame in their career, hardships endured, describe the innovations you hear in their sound (using the elements), and then compare and contrast them to a modern artist focusing heavily on commonalities.